Cricket – the gentleman’s game?

Even though there are calls to have the test abandoned, the show will go on. International Cricket Council (ICC) president Sharad Pawar has made a statement confirming Pakistan’s tour of England will continue despite four of Pakistan’s players face aligations of spot fixing.

The players in question – test captain Salman Butt, fast bowlers Mohammad Amir & Mohammad Asif, and wicket keeper Kamran Akmal have been caught up in a sting by the uk newspaper News of the world, but remain unpunished while an investigation is underway. The middleman, Mazjar Maheed, has been arrested for his part of the saga.

The sport of cricket will recover, it bounced back from a similar story 10 years ago when South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje admitted match fixing. I do worry for the young Pakistani cricketers aspiring to play in the national team. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, they will be under a spotlight for years to come.

If found guilty – there maybe a call to ban the players for life from the sport as cricket tries to clean up it’s act.

Cricket really is a noble sport, and the gentlemen will prevail.

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