Top 10 Style Icons

Top 10 Style Icons

I have recently read some Style Icon lists, and although a few are timeless – they are usually quite predictable. My own spin on this is to break my top 10 into two – past icons whose style transcends the decades and are still relevant today, and present style icons who drive fashion forward and we will still enjoying in 20, 30 and even 40 years time.

Past style icons

Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra

Ol’ Blue Eyes had a style that has stood the test of time as well as his music. If anyone has deserved the moniker of iconic, Frank Sinatra is just such a person.

Always immaculately presented in public, the real beauty of Frank’s style is that it always seems so effortless. The relaxed tie and the tilted brim of his silk band Fedora.

Often seen classic gray or navy blue suits, with a solid wool knit or silk tie, these are just as relevant today as they have ever been, proving real class is truly timeless. It is no surprise that this is a look that is emulated the world over. This is not to say it can be carried of by anyone, this confident style needs swagger to carry off correctly.

Sean Connery’s James Bond

Sean Connery

When thinking of classic masculine style, Sean Connery’s James Bond is at the forefront. Connery is the benchmark that all others who play the iconic spy are measured.

The epitome of Saville Row style wearing either narrow style two piece or elegant three piece suits. Although not fashionable at the time, his suits were made of lightweight wool. This is now common place today, but in the 60’s this was ground breaking. Probably the one style icon that is adored and revered by both men and women for the past 40 years. Connery has a style that genuinely transcends the generations.

Cary Grant

Cary Grant

Often seen at the top of polls as the most stylish movie star of all time. Cary Grant is the master of simple elegance. I have read dozens of articles about him and having looked at literally thousands of pictures, I cannot recall a time he ever strayed from his formula:

Light coloured suits in summer, dark in winter. Always solid colours for suit, shirt, tie and pocket square. This is a recipe everyone can follow to excellent effect.

So what made Cary Grant stand out if is style was so simple? The sheer quality of fit and finish. The lines are timeless and simply oozed quality. My grandfather admired Cary Grant, as did my father and I will make sure my children understand why less is more – perfection.

Paul Newman

Paul Newman
Evidence that style is not always about the best clothes. Charisma by the bootfull and considered to be a really likeable guy, Newman had it all and never looked like he tried all that hard to get it. Considered by many to be one of the greatest actors of his generation – his ‘token’ Oscar was more to do with the fact he never won one for his more famous performances is testament to the influence this man had over the hearts and minds of all who knew him or knew of him.

It was this charisma that enabled Newman to carry off his ‘relaxed’ look of shirt and tie, but often with the collar undone and the tie loosened from around his neck. Effortless cool.


I am aware that I haven’t posted for a few days, so I wanted to get something up – this is a draft I am working on, but am happy to take comments on other names that should be in this list before I lock it down.

David Beckham

David Beckham

It’s easy to overlook the fact that David Beckham is actually an incredible athlete and sports personality. Now just as famous for his exceptional grasp on men’s style, David Beckham is a true modern style icon.

Usually found with a shirt unbuttoned to his sternum, leather wrist bands (one of my pet hates, but he makes them look so good), and one shirt tail partially un-tucked. David manages to break many of the acceptable style rules to create his own unique and wonderful look. Everything the modern gentleman should aspire to be.

Every garment looks carefully selected for fit and quality, David has impeccable taste, although I do wonder how much can be attributed to his wife Victoria.

Zachary Quinto

Daniel Craig’s James Bond

Tom Ford


Leo DiCaprio

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