The Rules – Etiquette – Gratitude
Unfortunately we live in a society where so much is taken for granted and so many people believe they are ‘owed’ success, privilege, time, money, gifts and much, much more. Knowing when and how to show gratitude is something the modern gentleman has no problems with. Don’t get me wrong, I am not for one second suggesting people are fundamentally ungrateful, but there may be times when we just don’t know how to show our gratitude.

It is because there are so many ways to show gratitude that I couldn’t possibly list all the reasons and ways in a blog post. I am happy to answer any specific questions in Ask The Mitchelli section, but for now I would like ask that we don’t forget just how important gratitude is.

It is not always the obvious that is deserving of thanks. Time, effort and thoughtfulness often go without acknowledgment, and yet it is here that some gratitude would be so important in our day to day relationships.

Remember the old saying “A little gratitude goes a long way…”

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