How to sharpen a disposable razor

Ok – this is not technically sharpening the razor blade in the same way I would my straight razor, but it is returning it to an as new condition so you can extend the life way beyond the time you would usually throw it away. Disposable cartridge razor systems like the Quattro Fusion Mach 10 are becoming quite expensive. Here is my guide to keeping yours sharp so a single razor blade will last you months not days. The money you save could go on something more fitting for a modern gentleman than disposable razors!

All you need is some old denim, I have known people claim you can use the jeans you are wearing, but I prefer to stick to jeans no longer fit for purpose.

Holding the razor blade with the same grip as if you were going to shave. Place the head of the razor blade at the bottom of the fabric. Push the razor blade away from you ten times.

Do not make backward strokes which will cut the fabric and damage the razor blade.

It really is that simple – You can return your razor blades to the same sharpness as the day you first used them in less than one minute. Clearly the razor blades won’t last for ever, but a quick internet search and you will find people who have used the same blade for 6 months.

If like me, you don’t want to have a piece of denim hanging around, you can use my way of making it functional and good looking.

I used a small picture frame, a piece of card, a pen, sharp scissors and some glue.

First cut a piece of card to the same size as the picture template so it fits neatly inside the frame. Then use the card to cut out two sections of the fabric.

Glue the back of the fabric and stick it on either side of the card. This serves two purposes, first – the card will need to match the thickness of the glass to hold it in place, second – you can turn the fabric round if it gets dirty or worn.

Leave the glue to dry. I put the fabric and card into the frame and use the glass to hold it in place. You could also place it between a couple of heavy books.

Once dry remove the glass (if fitted) so the denim shows through the frame, and your razor blade sharpener is ready to use.

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