New Years style resolutions 2011

It’s New Year’s Eve and the time everyone is compiling their lists of New years resolutions. Don’t be like everyone else (quit smoking, quit drinking, get fit, stop debts) and get some Modern Gentleman style into your life for 2011

No such thing as lazy days

Forget bumming around in sweat pants and an old ripped tee-shirt. Always dress to impress, even when at home alone. This will help in so many ways, most importantly, you want to be prepared if someone drops by, not embarrassed. It will also force you to upgrade your wardrobe!


Choose a style icon

Choose someone relevant and modern like a fashion designer or celebrity. Keep up to date with their clothes, but more importantly, the details that make them stand out. Having that sense of direction will really help when selecting your own clothes.


Have a clear out

Go through every item of clothing and get rid of everything you haven’t worn in in the past 2 years and anything you are not likely to wear in the next 2 years. Men have precious little wardrobe space so don’t give any to garments that don’t need it.


Organise your wardrobe

With all the junk gone, it’s time to really organise your wardrobe. Split your wardrobe into summer and winter. Place the summer items into storage to gain even more space. Hang woven items, fold knitted items. Don’t use wire hangers, invest in quality wooden items. Arrange from casual to formal so you know where to find everything.


Learn to shop

Armed with your own interpretation of modern gentleman style, take the time to understand what is available to you in your area and what is worth travelling to. Get to know a good tailor who will often be very willing to advise on where to purchase those difficult to find detail items.


No more cheap clothes

Make sure 2011 is the year you banish cheap and inferior items. Of course you should try and purchase quality garments at the best price you can, but vow never again to buy cheaply made items or clothes made from cheaper fabrics.


Care for your shoes

Not just polishing your shoes regularly, really care for them. Don’t wear shoes on consecutive days, let them rest. Invest in quality shoe trees, and use a shoe horn. Well cared for shoes will last a lifetime, saving you the money to invest in higher quality shoes.


Have a bespoke item made

You feel different in bespoke clothing, it is energising and confidence boosting. A garment that is tailored to fit you perfectly will enhance your style beyond the sum of its parts. But don’t worry if you can’t afford to have a bespoke suit or pair of shoes made just yet, a shirt will do just the same to your wardrobe and overall style.


Dress for the Job you want….

Not the job you have, as the old adage goes. It’s true and one I know has helped me greatly through my career. If you dress like the boss, people will treat you like the boss. If your superiors notice your dapper style, chances are they will ask questions and be genuinely interested. Networking is king to the modern gentleman.


Wear a Pocket Square

For years the pocket square was the domain of the dandy. Over the past few years they have grown in popularity until everyone was wearing them. Now they seem to be fading again, but the pocket square is truly timeless and if you wear it well and make sure it fits with the outfit and occasion, it will always look superb.


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