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The Rules – Style – Novelty Junk

I love the festive season, I really do. Spending quality time with friends and family over wonderful meals with great wine puts me in the best mood for the year ahead. Getting together with people you haven’t seen for a while is the perfect reason to look your best.

So why on earth is there a market for cheap novelty junk? You know the stuff, ties that play jingle bells, socks with pictures of Santa, jumpers with flashing LED reindeer noses, cufflinks shaped like turkeys, the list is endless…. Why would you do that to yourself? Why would you put the rest of us through it? This Christmas you are all officially banned from wearing tacky cheap novelty junk.

I am not being Grinchy, There are just certain things the modern gentleman should not do. Please embrace the festive season by wearing a festive smile and leave the cartoon images to the children!

Bah Humbug!

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