Polish your shoes

The Rules – Style – polish your shoes

It is often said that part of a gentleman’s dress, is the shine on his shoes, and one should never leave home without putting one on. This is something just as relevant today as it ever was. We can’t help it, like it or not, we all notice nice shoes/trainers/high heels/delete as necessary. How many times have you heard the saying “The shoes maketh the man”? So why is it so many ruin wonderful outfits by missing this smallest of details?

The process can be self indulgent or therapeutic and take as long as you want, but for the most part, a quick ‘maintenance buff’ need only take a few minutes. Either way, make sure you don’t skip it. There really is nothing worse than spending all the care and attention selecting the right outfit and details only to be let down by scruffy shoes.

The genius behind highly polished shoes is it can make any outfit look that little bit more special. It can turn ordinary shoes into something special, and it really will set you apart from those who really haven’t put the effort in. The obvious attention to detail will say a lot about you as a person whether you are going for a promotion or interview, going on a date, or just trying to set the standard in the office or amongst friends.

The last thing is personal pride. Taking pride in my polishing my shoes was drummed into me as a schoolboy by may father, then by my drill instructor in the military. You will see the transformation, not only in your appearance, but in your whole persona. So go on, shine your shoes.

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