Business casual? Not me.

Business Casual

Business casual? Not me.

In the modern office environment, it is becoming increasingly popular to wear ‘business casual’. A Pair of trousers, collared shirt and shoes is the new uniform of many a professional. It is a look I cannot bring myself to adopt. I take great satisfaction from carefully selecting the different fabrics, colours and textures that will come together to become my attire for the day.

Wearing a proper business suit has a transformational effect on me which has less to do with how I look and more to do with how it makes me feel. I take real pride in wearing a suit and tie, that goes without saying, but it instills a confidence; who knows where it comes from, it is probably a secret that tailors have sewn into the lining of every hand crafted suit.

It also seems to have an effect on those around me. Peers, colleagues and clients alike often gravitate to the person in the room who carries that air of authority that the suit and tie can bring, even if that person isn’t actually the most senior there. I am a firm believer in the saying ‘Dress for the job you want, not the job you have’.

I am not saying there is no place for business casual, far from it. It is not however, something I will be adopting any time soon. After all, I am not here to conform; I am here for the things I believe in. Putting on a suit and tie in the morning is just one of one of those things.

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