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Michelin stars

Michelin Stars

As a modern gentleman, you should understand the significance of the Michelin star rating for restaurants.

The Michelin red guide is the oldest and most prestigious hotel and restaurant guide, and has been popular since it’s arrival in the early 1900s. Initially a travel guide to help motorists find the best hotels and restaurants. The restaurant guide quickly became the most popular section of the guide.

In 1926 the Michelin stars were born to recognise excellence by awarding one to three stars to the most deserving establishments. Today, being listed as a Michelin three star restaurant is the highest accolade, and for the head chef it brings success and recognition the world over.

  • One star indicates a “very good cuisine in its category”
  • Two stars indicate “excellent cuisine, worth a detour”
  • Three stars indicate “exceptional cuisine, worthy of a special journey”

This is a very select club with less than one hundred Michelin three star rated restaurants the world over.

For further information, please refer to the Michelin website

For a list of Michelin star restaurants and reviews


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