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World in pictures


World in pictures

I am really impressed by some of the blogs that I follow. The authors of these masterpieces have clearly captured the moment by taking a high quality picture to aid the story. I don’t expect these people will carry around a full SLR with a bag of lenses, or are sufficiently adept at slight of hand to switch lenses in the blink of an eye. No, much more likely are they have a high quality automatic camera and are genuinely talented at photography with a great eye for a picture.

As I develop the blog I am steadily forming the opinion that some well taken pictures will really help convey the messages, and as the saying goes ‘A picture paints a thousand words’. It is with this in mind I have dusted off my Sony A450 digital SLR to help me along. Since its purchase it has had little use, so I will be carrying it with me for a while. I want to see if the pictures I take help me get the look and feel I am looking for on the blog.

I am hoping I can manage the steep learning curve quickly so you are not subjected to many substandard pictures, so please be patient. I am not claiming to be an expert photographer and I have exceptionally high standard for my own work, so if I can’t capture the look I want – I will just have to retire the camera again and find another way. It will be worth it in the long run. Every modern gentleman should be capable of venturing into the world of photography and I am no exception.

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