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Fashion faux pas – Tags on sleeves

I am increasingly aware of a trend for men to retain the label or tag on their suit jacket sleeve. A label should be discreet and if possible it should have your name on it in the style of ‘Hand made for….’ Any exterior labels should be removed as soon as you get the suit home. They are there for practical reasons and are not part of the design, no matter how stylish or impressive the label might actually be! I have always assumed this is one of those ‘unwritten rules’ that everyone just knew.

To explain why this trend should not be adopted, it is first necessary to understand what the sleeve label is for. When browsing for a ready to wear suit, the suits from many suppliers are hung in ascending size order. You can quickly determine the colour and size, but it is not easy to quickly identify the manufacturer without reaching into the jacket and looking through the inside for a label. Having a small fabric label held with only two stitches on the one visible sleeve will allow the customer to easy browse the manufacturers without disrupting the display.

There is little class in demonstrating you do not understand what you are wearing. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail; instead of looking stylish, if this detail is noticed, your look will be undone. If unsure, ask your tailor or someone you trust about the details in your outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against OTR suits. A good one can look great with the right details, but the art is in making it look like it has been made for you. That is impossible when leaving the tag on the suit sleeve…




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