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Jil Sanders SS11

One of the more fun men’s style trends for spring summer 2011 (SS11) is the use of bright colour. Bold, fun and extrovert when it works. Garish, tasteless and confused when it doesn’t. Here The Mitchelli looks at how to make this bold statement work for you.

As a fan of classic tailoring and style, I don’t often comment on the trends of the day preferring to incorporate their influences where appropriate rather than being a slave to them. I love the youthful look colour brings to SS11, however in the transition from catwalk to the high street something has got confused along the way. I am seeing far too many men looking like they got dressed in the dark because of the over use of mis-matched colours. Follow these simple rules and you can add some real energy to your outfit without looking like you are on your way to a fancy dress party.

Don’t mix too many colours (unless you know what your doing)

Just pick one main item to go bold. A jacket or blazer, trousers or shorts, t-shirt or shirt. Anyone caught wearing a rainbow of bright colours is usually found parading in a circus tent with red nose and long shoes – remember this when mix and matching to make sure you do not look like a clown. For all other items, contrast or compliment the colours – but make sure it works together. If your not sure, stick to tried and tested combinations: For the brave try purple and yellow. For the classic – green and blue, and for the rest of us – don’t forget orange or pinks are still very cool and easy to wear (just not at the same time).

Accessories can work just as well

If you choose a toned down outfit – bright accessories can make all the difference. This season has brought great messenger bags, socks, bowties and shoes all in amazing Technicolor. For the man at work there are ties, pocket squares, braces and even suit linings and stitching details. Accessories are a relatively safe way to add some vibrant colour, just remember not to over do it (see rule one).

Primary colours to pastels

Bold does not have to mean primary colours. Warm tones, cool colours and smooth pastels can all be bright enough to add some spice to your wardrobe. Whilst Navy blue, charcoal gray and country brown will be the staple of many a modern gentleman, sometimes you just have to be bold.


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  1. Like the post as its the start of spring/summer after all and its great to brighten up your wardrobe. Colour blocking head to toe is difficult, as TheMitchelli says a flash of colour may mean that you get looked over rather than overlooked.