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Regular readers of this blog will know I take shaving very seriously. Having an arsenal of different razors at my disposal from my vintage Harrison Brothers & Howson cutthroat razor to my modern Merkur Vision double edged safety razor, I am often experimenting with different ways to get that utopian of shaves…. Perfectly close, irritation free and quick. You always have to sacrifice something. So when Anthony Rigby at suggested I try Ursa Major Shave cream, I had nothing to lose.

At £20.00 for 150ml Ursa Major Stellar shave cream is not your average Shave cream. When up against my preferred products of pre-shave oil and high quality soap, it would have to work hard to justify the extra 33% in cost. Ursa Major’s key selling point is the fact it is a 99% natural product, I have no idea what that last 1% is, sometimes it’s best not to ask.

The packaging was classy but understated. It looks like a high end quality product and not your usual fair. It has a feel of a product you would have provided at an exclusive luxury spa.

Opening the cream reveals a subtle scent of ginger; it’s very fresh and will no doubt help wake you up. A glance down the ingredients list shows Aloe Vera and sunflower as the main ingredients. Rub a small amount into your skin and instead of high foam lather, you a treated to a very rich substance that disperses quite quickly without an oily feel. It did leave me wondering how it would actually perform when shaving as it doesn’t feel like a typical product.

The shave

The most scientific test I could come up with was to simply have a shave! Ursa Major is the great bear in the astral plane and I felt like a great hairy bear before testing the shave cream so this came at just the right time! I dispensed with much of my usual routine; I just washed my face to soften the bristles and placed a fresh blade in the Merkur. The richness of the cream provided an excellent lubricant for shaving. I am genuinely surprised at how well it performs. Every shave has been quick and fuss free. I have been using Ursa Major for one week now and every day I become a little more cavalier with my approach such is the exceptional quality of the shave. Before and after pictures show absolutely no irritation or razor burn on what was frankly an unreasonable amount of stubble for a test.

The pictures below were taken first thing in the morning on the first day of use. Over the course of the week, as my confidence has grown, the shave time has come down significantly with every shave as good as the first.

before and after

Coupled with a high quality blade, Ursa Major shave cream will provide you with an exceptional shave. If you are prone to razor burn, then I can highly recommend this as an exceptional high quality shave cream. The irritation free shave may well have something to do with the soothing effects of Aloe Vera and the other natural ingredients.

Any initial concerns about the price were dispelled after the first shave. I actually think over time it will save you money as I have not had to use any pre-shave oil or post-shave soothing balm. With that in mind, Ursa Major shaving cream is exceptional value for money.

You can get Ursa Major shave cream from and follow them on twitter at!/nkdman

For more information about the upcoming range visit and follow them on twitter at!/ursamajormen

Special thanks to Anthony Rigby of NkdMan for introducing me to this exceptional shave cream. I am converted, you should give it a try.

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