Review: MenScience – Microfine Face Scrub

Review of MenScience Microfine face scrub.

Regardless of how well you dress and how sharp your style is, your face is always on display so a good face scrub is essential to keep your face looking its best. Our friends over at NKDman have sent over some of MenScience’s Microfine Face scrub, let’s see how we got on.

Before we start

MenScience Microfine face scrub
I know there are gentlemen out there who have been blessed with perfect skin, unfortunately I am not one of them. My skin is really very sensitive and harsh products irritate me quickly. Because of this, I have to choose my face scrub very carefully, after all the whole point of a good face scrub is to remove the top layer of skin.

Another great time to use a quality face scrub is before shaving as it helps lift hairs and free trapped hairs that might have led to ingrown hair. Regular visitors will know I am on a quest to find the perfect shave, so when using a face scrub I am also looking to see if my shave is improved.

The review

Microfine face scrub is aimed at all skin types which had it not come highly recommended by NKDman, I probably would have passed over for something aimed at men with sensitive skin. Well they clearly know their stuff because I had no issues and no irritation.

I have been using the face scrub ever other day for the past couple of weeks, which is plenty of time to understand the effect on my skin. Comments from friends, family and colleagues are my skin looks visibly brighter without looking shiny, which sometimes happens with harsher products.

Usually in face scrubs you will feel gritty particles. These particles help exfoliate the skin by acting as a mild abrasive. If you have sensitive skin, these can be just as irritating as some of the other ingredients. The great thing about Microfine face scrub is even though it still has particles, they are not gritty at all, in fact they are so soft, I couldn’t help wonder if they would be effective. I needn’t have worried, as mentioned before my face looks and feels much fresher. It contains Aloe which is a natural product that has well documented soothing benefits, this may go some way to explain why it’s deep cleaning caused me no irritation.

Shaving benefits

This is where the Microfine face scrub really excelled. I am currently using a shavette razor instead of my usual cutthroat straight edged razor. This is taking a little getting used to, and by using Microfine face scrub before each shave, the results are definitely superior. I am sure that as my technique improves the results would be harder to judge accurately so this is the perfect time to see just how effective any changes in the products I am using are. It’s hard to see the improvement, but the ultimate test of any shave is how close it feels and you can really feel the shave is closer after using Microfine face scrub.

The not so good..

This is a quality product and I am an advocate of paying for quality, but the purchase price will seem high if you haven’t used it before. At £26.50 I think this is great value for money, but unless you have tried it so you can see the results for yourself, you might not think to add this to your grooming routine.

The packaging is quite plain and unassuming for such a quality product. There is little to make it stand out on the shelf, so there is a chance you might miss it. Luckily it is easy to order online from premium outlets like NKDman.


Quite simply the best face scrub for men I have found that is available today. It is kind to sensitive skin, and has deep cleaning – it rare combination. When used every other day the 130ml bottle will last you months as you don’t need much. It has a very natural fragrance and will be part of my grooming routine from now on.

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