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It is with some delight that I see Tweed making it into so many of this year’s collections. Once the uniform of the country set, those in the know have been sporting Harris’ or Donegal’s finest for sometime and for once the catwalk is playing catch-up. Tweed is perfect for the modern gentleman who is not afraid to mix old and new.

As you already know, fashion is a fickle thing. It is also based on trends that tend to be cyclical. Keep your clothes for long enough and eventually they will come back in fashion right? No – let me be very clear, modern designers take influences from past trends: fabrics, colours, patterns. They then bring this clothes right up to date with modern cuts and construction methods.

The exception to this rule is Tweed. Tweed looks amazing as an ultra modern garment, or as a vintage piece. You only need to look in the October edition of GQ magazine to see just how far Tweed has come with their article which shows just how relevant Tweed is for the modern gentleman.

Harris Tweed Tie

Expert opinion

Someone who is well aware of the resurgence in vintage Tweed is Denise from online vintage suit retailer, a thriving business that caters for those who are looking for original period suits. A key part of her business is Tweed.

I was fortunate enough to catch her for a quick chat about Tweed.

Ok for those who don’t know you, how would you describe Tweedman’s Vintage?

Tweedman’s Vintage are an online store dedicated to selling high quality classic & vintage menswear at affordable prices. Offering a wide selection of gentleman’s Harris Tweed jackets in all styles / sizes / colours and patterns.

Why has Tweed’s appeal endured?

A. Once a gentleman has owned a quality tweed jacket or tweed suit, he will never want to be without one. Tweed is no longer seen just as a country gents cloth, but a versatile cloth that can be worn for so many occasions.

What makes Tweed such a special fabric?

A. I think it is the versatility and beauty of the fabric, there are so many variations of tweed so all tastes are catered for. Tweed just has a quality that no other fabric offers, and a good quality tweed jacket will last a lifetime.

How is Tweed relevant to the modern gentleman?

Men are looking for classic, quality made clothing more, garments that will last more than a season. Throw away fashion is no longer satisfying even the younger generation which is why I feel buying vintage has become so popular. Tweed is available in so many different cloth designs and so is a very versatile wardrobe staple, you just have to decide which style is best suited to you. Some of our customers love the loud checks of a bold multi coloured woven tweed, some the classic herringbone tweeds & houndstooth tweed others like a simple plain grey tweed blazer to wear with jeans, there really is a tweed to suit everyone’s taste in clothing.

What should people look for when selecting quality Tweed?

A. Our website! Harris Tweed is world famous for its tweed, it is hand-woven in Scotland and all our jackets have the Harris Tweed orb logo that guarantees authenticity of the cloth. We also offer lots of other great makes of tweed, vintage & modern.

Why buy from on online retailer like Tweedman’s Vintage?

A. Cost for one, we sell very gently used quality Harris Tweed jackets at a fraction of the original retail price. We only offer the very best tweed jackets & tweed suits for sale and offer a 7 day no quibble returns on all items. If a customer has a query, we are just a phone call or an email away and we are always happy to help.

Could you take a tweed suit to a tailor to get it altered for the perfect fit?

A. It depends, shoulders cannot usually be altered but most other parts of a suit can. If in doubt just ask, we can check for spare fabric etc. We do have a size guide on the website which can be useful; we always supply comprehensive measurements of all garments to ensure a good fit.


Is there a typical customer?

A. Not really, our customer base is very varied. We have customers of all ages and from all over the world, 15 year olds looking to buy their first vintage suit to one gent I spoke to the other day who was 93 who wanted to buy his first Harris Tweed jacket as he had never been able to afford one before and was ecstatic to have found our website! We have also supplied a number of well known celebrities, tv studios, theatres and lots of magazines. A number of our items have appeared on tv / magazines etc.

How do you see your business evolving over the next few years?

A. We pride ourselves in being an independent business with a real focus on satisfied, returning customers. We shall keep supplying customers with the very best in classic & vintage menswear.

What does the future hold for Tweed?

A. A very long and happy life if Tweedman’s vintage has anything to do with it…. : )

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