New Loake London store

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]eritage footwear maker Loake has emergedLoake London store
onto the high street with their first store in London’s prime style hotspot.

The new shop in Piccadilly’s Princes Arcade is a stone’s throw from the perpetually trendy Jermyn street. It is the perfect location for those who are on a shopping trip in the city and, like myself, prefer to buy shoes from a specialist instead of a department store.

The perfect vehicle to showcase not only the existing range of quality footwear, but the highly anticipated SS12 range aimed at the younger but equally discerning customer.

As a long term admirer of the Loake shoes, I am keeping a watchful eye on all their new developments . Although I am not in a position to share much right now, I am working on bringing you an amazing insight into the world of shoes, including an inside look at this prestigious brand.

If you have any questions about gentleman’s shoes or Loake, email me via the contact page or post a comment below and I will get back to you. For more from Loake – visit their website:

[fpg id=”1323464904_640x1153_Loake-London-Store.xml”]

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  1. Perhaps you could provide me with some advice regarding Loake boots. I am in Canada and plan to make a trip to the U.K. In the spring. Unfortunately my feet are too small for men’s Loake chelsea boots which I covet. I would require a 5.5 U.K. Size. What to do? Is the women’s Chatterly boot decidedly feminine in appearance? Online it looks just like the men’s but smaller. Do you have any advice? Thanks in advance…

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