Aaron Marino launches iamalpham.com

As a British style blogger who prefers a classic style and good fit over passing fads, who would have thought that every week I look forward to the evangelical ramblings of an excitable American preaching his views on the world of style. It’s true, my guilty pleasure is tuning in every week to Aaron Marino’s youtube channel www.youtube.com/AlphaMconsulting and with almost 30,000 subscribers around the world – I am clearly not alone.

Who is Aaron Marino?

Aaron is an image consultant based in Atlanta, GA and the man behind Alpha M Image Consulting. In his own words:

“We guide you with dress and grooming that accentuates your best attributes- all in an effort to present a confident and stylish image” Aaron Marino

Aaron MarinoAs I mentioned previously, Aaron hosts a highly entertaining weekly youtube show which is packed full of tips, humour and solid advice. I can see any clients of Alpha M Image Consulting being highly impressed with the quality services they buy and the manner in which they are delivered. However, over time, the youtube channel has become more of a ‘Aaron Marino’ show than weekly hints and tips for style and image. I think Aaron has recognised this and so iamalpham has been developed to get the focus back. For all of the subscribers to his existing channel, fear not, it will keep going so you will still be able to get your weekly Aaron fix.


iamalpham.com is a premium subscription site that has launched this week where you can have direct access to Aaron and his teachings posing questions to him directly. On top of this there are hundreds of videos that are not and will not go on the public channel. All of this for only $75 a year or $6.95 a month. There are sample videos and a selection of articles so you can see the type thing you can expect, but I already had a good idea from the youtube channel so I signed up.

Although there are a good selection of videos there today on a wide range of topics affecting men – not just style and image, but relationships, fitness and nutrition, Aaron has committed to delivering three new videos every week. That means you will have an extensive library at the click of a button. The videos will be posted in three categories:

  • The first category is ‘Q & A’ where Aaron responds directly to questions raised by members. This should be like having your own personal image consultant on retainer. Or at least I think that is the intention, remember this site is brand new so this will take time to build up, but I can see there will be real value in it as membership grows.
  • The second is the ‘AlhaMProject’ which is a social experiment where Aaron interviews members of the public to get their views on what it takes to be an alpha male today. Although a little rushed, it was insightful and I can see this being a really useful view into the hearts and minds of what people today believe gentlemen should be.
  • The third is ‘Hanging with Alpha’ – This was the real suprise for me. It is a disarmingly honest behind the scenes look into Aaron’s life. The normality of it sets it streets ahead of the usual reality TV circus, and I’m sure will make compelling viewing over time. Followers of Aaron will be used to him ‘hamming it up’ for the camera – this is something very different, more real and just as watchable.


The verdict

I really like what Aaron is doing because I can see a lot of synergy between what Aaron calls an Alpha Male and what I call a modern gentleman and where I am taking www.themitchelli.com. If you like what I am doing here, you will love where Aaron is taking iamalpham.

Is it worth the subscription fee? For less than £5 which would buy you a small cappuccino and half a doughnut from Starbucks you get a months access to a resource that is just going to grow. I would say that is great value for money. They say money can’t buy style, but it can buy some great advice.

You can find Aaron on any of the links above, but if you do nothing else – subscribe to his youtube channel – It’s one of the best things out there by far. You can also follow Aaron on twitter at @alphamimage

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