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Lucky Tiger Facewash Skincare

Natural skin care is a key growth area in men’s grooming, and this has created a boom of new manufacturers producing new and improved recipes for their latest products. My friends over at NKDMan recommended I try Lucky Tiger face wash, which has turned out to be a real gem.

Far from being a new kid on the block taking advantage of a recent boom, Lucky Tiger have been refining their range of grooming products since the 1930’s. Lucky Tiger does not instantly make me think of face wash, so when I came across this unusual brand I had to see what the fuss was about. lucky tiger face wash
The packaging is a cross between 30’s art house advertising and marmite branding, and just like marmite, you will either love or hate the styling. I think it is very cool, but I have got mixed feedback when raving about it to friends and colleagues with some loving the retro feel and others struggling to see a place for it on their bathroom shelves. One thing we all agree on (or at least those who have tried it), is no matter how the packaging looks, this is a king among face washes when it comes to quality.

First thing you will be treated to is a mild citrus tangerine scent, that is freshly fragrant, but mild enough to show it is not packed full of harsh perfumes. It is pH balanced so I found it soaps up into a lather very easily, and I am sure this is the reason I found it very easy on my skin. Many modern products feel like a full on assault on your skin, so the fact Lucky Tiger is mild is a real benefit to those who suffer from irritation when using many modern face washes.

Gets skin thoroughly clean, clear and energized with a select combination of natural botanicals, certified organics plus nourishing antioxidants and vitamins essential to achieve and maintain healthy, great looking skin. With organic Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate, organic Jojoba to nourish and soften and with organic Cucumber to cool and refresh. Has a very relaxing, mild tangerine fragrance.


In summary, Lucky Tiger face wash is a great product. I will be using it as my first choice face wash from now on. It is mild enough to suit most skin types and rich enough to still provide a luxury experience. It really does feel special every use. Thanks to for the sample. For more from NKDMan, please visit their website or you can follow them on twitter at: @nkdman

Lucky Tiger Facewash Skincare

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