How to dress 10lbs lighter and hide your belly

Not all men are blessed with the perfect physique, even I need to know how to dress a few lbs lighter. More specifically, I need to dress in a way that makes it look like I don’t really have a belly. I tell myself it’s an age thing that hits everyone as they get older, but the truth is it’s a lifestyle change and that takes time. That’s time many of us don’t have if we have an important event to go to. To save you that time I have pulled together a guide on how to appear 10 lbs lighter and hide your belly!

Many of these tips will seem counter intuitive, but trust me and try them. I assure you they will make a big difference. These have been tried and tested with many of my subscribers to great effect and they can help you too, look 10 lbs lighter.

navy-suit-with-brown-tieButton up your Jacket

If you are wearing a suit or sports jacket, button up the jacket at the fulcrum. The fulcrum is the button which gives the jacket it’s shape. On a three button it is the one in the centre. On a two button, it is the top one. This will help frame your upper body and the V of the lapels are important to draw eyes up to the face away from the belly. It will also help pull your waist in, giving the illusion of a V shaped torso.

Solid Dark colours are slimming

We have all heard how black is slimming, and many women I know swear to this. For men though it’s Navy Blue, especially in suits, it helps define the silhouette by being a contrast to the surroundings. The same applies to your casual clothes too. Some dark un-faded denim jeans will do the same as will a dark casual shirt.

body-sculpt-vestShaping Underwear

OK – stop thinking of those shaping hipster pants your granny used to wear. Underwear has gone high tech. You can go to your local Asda Walmart and buy a bodysculpt tshirt that is tight enough to squeeze in a few pounds. The best thing is they are great value too at only £10 each. It doesn’t stop at tshirts, you can now get shaping vests or even all in ones (vests and jockey shorts combined) for the times you really need to squeeze it all in.


Move to slim fitting shirts

The standard box shape shirt is not very flattering, but so many men I speak to feel it hides their belly somehow under all that fabric. It really bulks you up all over adding to the illusion of weight. Find a shirt that fits your form perfectly and this alone will shave lbs off your appearance.

Add an extra layer under your jacket

wearing pullover with jacketThis might sound odd, but stick with me here. Remember the benefit of wearing your jacket done up, it creates that V shape that drawers the eyes up? Well a light weight layer of a pullover/cardigan/tank-top/vest/waistcoat will do the same, especially if it has buttons or a strong V neck on the front. Just make sure the fabric is thin like Merino wool, as you don’t want to add bulk. Only do this if you are wearing a slim fitting shirt, you don’t want to look like you are containing excess fabric. A contrasting cardigan under a done up jacket will really draw attention up to your face. If wearing with a suit, just remember this look is more casual and probably not for the days you have business meetings.

Pleated-PantsLose the pleats

Pleated trousers are designed to give the larger man some extra room. What the actually do is puff your waist out making you look even bigger. Flat fronted trousers will shave another couple of pounds off your appearance.

Braces and suspenders rule

The problem with belts are they chop you in half (visually) and literally underline your belly. You should be buying trousers that fit you perfectly, but if you do need some help to keep your trousers up, braces (or suspenders) are a far more elegant and discrete solution.

Slimmer, more tailored trousers

Too many men wear baggy pants even with suits. A narrower, more tapered leg, cut to the correct length will be incredibly effective way of drawing attention down away from your belly. When buying off the rack (OTR) suits/trousers, many styles will be over generous. A tailored fit with a break mid shin will lose you another couple of pounds off your appearance.

Match socks to pants or trousersMatch your socks to your trousers

A simple but effective illusion is to lengthen your legs to make you look slimmer. You can do this by matching your socks to your trousers (pants). If you match your socks to your shoes, as so many men do, you shorten the appearance of the leg, making you look more squat and less elegant.

Polish your shoes

It’s no good directing attention away from your belly, down your legs to your shoes, and then leaving them scruffy and unpolished. It won’t add the pounds back on, but it will undermine your outfit and undo all that good work.


Your face should be your attention grabber, and if it isn’t, we want to lead people there with good choices so it should be able to hold attention when it does get it. It’s no good if your hair is scruffy or you haven’t groomed properly. Sometimes all you need is a fresh haircut and a shave, but do make an effort. Remember your outfit is not just your clothes, it’s the whole package, face included!

In summary

You want to reduce your overall size and shape with slimmer fitting clothes. I do not mean tight fitting which encourages bulges and look awful. Your clothes should follow your form and fit you perfectly.

Your clever use of details will elongate your body and draw eyes away from your belly either up or down.

If this article has helped you, or if you have any other tips to dress lbs lighter and hide a belly, leave a comment below and share it with your friends.

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  1. This is a great article- I’m sure many men would like to sport a slimmer appearance. I would also recommend starting an exercise program- not to try to slim down fast but because it boosts your adrenaline and makes you start FEELING slimmer and more attractive. You can also look extra-polished with a canvas bag and other elegant accessories.

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