Guide to Tie bars and Tie pins

tie pins

When looking for smart details to lift your style to the next level, I have always been a fan of the understated elegance of tie jewelry. The classic tie bar or the traditional tie pin are subtle enough to be classy and bold enough to show you have a real eye for detail.

With any of the finishing touches, you can get them wrong. To help you, here is a guide to keep you looking sharp and your tie under control.


I am on a mission to ensure men wear their jacket buttoned up for shape and structure. If you do, then put your Tie Bar in the middle of the visible tie (not the whole tie). If you still can’t bring yourself to keep your jacket fastened, it should go between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt.

Place your Tie bar too high and you will look nerdy or like you are trying too hard. Place it too low and you will look like you really don’t know what you are doing, or like you don’t care.



Beautiful, yes, but Tie bars are functional too. From keeping you looking composed on a blustery day, to keeping your precious seven fold tie out of your bowl of soup, a Tie bar is useful too so wear it properly. Attach your Tie bar to the placket of your shirt, don’t just use it to hold your tie together.


Some say size doesn’t matter, they’re wrong. The ideal proportions for a Tie bar are between 2/3rds and 3/4s of the width of the tie (or 66-75% for those who have made the jump to metric measurements).

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  1. My fashion forward 25 year old nephew who lives in DC talked me into making a tie bar for him. I did and also added it to my jewelry line…..he loves it and gets lots of comments on it (good ones!)

  2. Quite interesting and helpful.

    Just two things, fractions and percentages aren’t limited to metric or imperial. And 4/3 is not equal to 75%. 3/4 is 75%.

    1. Aha, you picked up on a type my proof reader has missed, thank you. I would fire her, but it would make life very difficult as she is my wife! I have updated 4/3 to 3/4 which I believe is much closer to 75% 😉

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