TAG Heuer Watches: Luxury, Style & Sophistication in 2013


TAG Heuer is a luxury watchmaker with a mightily impressive heritage and it is little surprise that they have firmly established themselves as one of the best regarded and luxurious brands on the market. If you’re planning on strapping a TAG Heuer watch to your wrist in 2013, then it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the brand a little but, safe to say, you’ve definitely made a wise decision if it’s this luxury Swiss watchmaker who you’ve set your heart upon.

tag heuer

Few watch brands are as instantly recognisable as TAG Heuer and they boast a truly diverse array of luxury timepieces to suit all tastes – from their adrenaline soaked Formula 1 Collection of watches through to their more classical style offerings like the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watches. Founded over 150 years ago in 1860 in the St-Imier area of Switzerland by Edouard Heuer, this fantastic watchmaker truly has gone from strength to strength over the decades and they currently produce some of the most sought after, luxurious and stylish timepieces on the market.

Given the high-esteem in which the TAG Heuer brand is held, you may well assume that they would be amongst the most expensive timepieces on the market. The truth of the matter, however, is that TAG Heuer offer some of the most affordably priced luxury watches out there and many of their pieces retailer for under £1500 which, when you consider the quality of their manufacture and the reputation of the brand, is nothing short of astounding.

TAG Di Caprio

As you can see, there is no shortage of A-listers happy to lend their name to the TAG Heuer brand with Hollywood stars like Leonardo Di Caprio acting as a brand ambassador for the Swiss watchmakers. It is testament to the calibre of the watches that some of the biggest names in the business are happy to lend their names to their timepieces.

Innovation is something that is at the core of TAG Heuer watches and they are certainly not one for resting on their laurels, regardless of how successful their brand has become. Consistently creating new collections for their legions of eager fans, they are definitely a watchmaker dedicated to keeping their followers happy. There are so many fantastic collections to pick from when it comes to TAG Heuer watches and, in order to understand their important role within the industry, we need to take a look at some of their most popular collections. So, let’s not delay any longer, let’s take a long at some of TAG Heuer’s most famous collections of watches:

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watches:


The Formula 1 Collection of watches from TAG Heuer is definitely one for the speed obsessed and this fantastic series of watches can regularly be seen on the wrists of the likes of Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton.

TAG Heuer have a long-standing association with Formula 1 and this collection has garnered a large following amongst consumers who love the luxury of TAG timepieces and the immense speed, excitement and exhilaration of Formula 1 motor racing.

Available for both men and women, TAG Heuer Formula watches are one of the brand’s entry level watches as many of these stunning timepieces can be picked up for under £1000. If you’re looking for a sporty luxury watch in 2013, this would definitely be the perfect place to start.

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Watches:

TAG Grand Carrera

TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watches are an immensely stylish and popular collection from the Swiss watchmakers and the avant-garde style of these timepieces comes from the designs of classic style GT Race Cars.

TAG are synonymous with the automotive industry and for those wanting a luxury watch that positively exudes luxury and boasts an unparalleled visual appeal, TAG Heuer Grand Carrera watches are an absolute must.

Limited Edition TAG Heuer Watches:

TAG Limited

As mentioned, TAG Heuer are particularly famed for their limited edition timepieces and a fine example of the calibre of watches that they produce in small numbers would be the eye-catching TAG Heuer Carrera Space X watch pictured which has an interesting back story to say the least.

This stunning watch was recently released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of TAG being the first Swiss watch in space – when one of the brand’s stopwatches was strapped to the wrist of astronaut John Glenn when he piloted the spacecraft “Friendship 7” during a triple orbit of earth in 1962 in a mission which was pivotal in the USA winning the space race and landing on the moon.

There truly are few brands that offer such an eclectic and excellent selection of luxury timepieces for men and despite being one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers on the market, they certainly haven’t rested on their laurels and are constantly innovating in order to create new and attractive high-end watches.

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  1. Watches have become a STATUS symbol! and owning a TAG is something to be proud of haha. I myself was just looking at a TAG HEUER CC 1887 automatic chrono for daily wear today..although its on the expensive side Its still worth the investment in my opinion.

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