How To Dress For Success

Believe it or not, a business look can lead to a successful business. Does this mean that you being judged by how you look and what you wear? Honestly, “yes” and “no” are both appropriate answers to this question. Now, there is no need to panic; this isn’t high school all over again and the cool kids aren’t going to make fun of you for you’re dress. What the above statement simply means is this: your level or seriousness and professionalism is parallel to how you look. For instances, a man who is wearing a suit and tie is more likely to get the job versus a man who is dress in blue jeans and a t-shirt. Like everything in life, there is a time and place for specific behaviors. The same can be accounted for different types of clothing. Let’s take a look at other business appropriate wardrobe pieces.


It’s A Tie Thing

As mentioned before, to look professional, a tie is almost always a necessity. Depending on your type of business, work environment, and age, a tie is usually considered to be classy and professional. Of course, there are ties not acceptable for the business world i.e. anything with cartoons, film characters, holiday decorations, or words. When it comes to picking a tie keep it simple and basic. A solid, skinny tie (thanks to the popular show Mad Men) works best and can be most effective. However, stripes, patterns, and designs can be acceptable, depending on your shirt and pants. For example, you don’t want to wear a tie with polka dots and pants that are pinstriped. When you look serious, you will be taken serious, leading to a (hopefully) successful business.


These Shoes Were Made For Business

When it comes to shoes, remember this: open-toed shoes are bad and closed-toed shoes are good. This applies for both men and women, but probably effects most women. Though there are sometimes casual dress days at the office, shoes that reveal toes can be considered to be too casual. In fact, many (and this is highly an opinion type thing) consider open-toed shoes to be sandals—no matter what the rest of the shoe looks like. The last thing you want is to be considered flakey or not serious because of your footwear. Wear something sleek and stylish (mostly something in black) that can also be considered to be professional, conservative, and business-ready.


Can You See Me Now?

When it comes to wearing glasses at the office, remember this: less is more. What this statement means is that you want your workers, clients, collogues, whoever you see on a daily basis to be able to see your face, more specifically, your eyes. How do you expect to hold a conversation with someone or be taken completely serious if your eyes are covered? This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear glasses, but considering wearing a smaller pair or thinner frames. Also, the plainer the glasses, the better; you don’t want anything too fancy or over-the-top that is going to distract from your professional demeanor. If it doesn’t bother you, perhaps look in to getting contact lenses. With contact lenses, your associates and clients will be able to see your full face, including your eyes.

When it comes to dressing for success, remember to be cool, confident, and professional. There is a time and place for casual, fun wear; the office is not that place. To be successful and show others that you mean business, you need to dress sharp and professional.

This is a guest post by Sam, a freelance writer, full-time blogger, who got her contact lenses in NZ to add to her perfect business look.

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