Review of Butler Luxury hangers

The easiest way to upgrade your style is to care for what you have better. As a modern gentleman, I wear a lot of suits, blazers and jackets and one of the best ways to care for your jackets is to invest in quality hangers.

When Butler Luxury got in contact and asked if I wanted to review their quality hangers, I jumped at the chance. I already had some quality hangers so I had a good benchmark to do a comparison.

See my video review here:

There are a couple of key points I didn’t really get across in the video. If you don’t use hangers at all and you use either the coat hook in the back of the jacket, or you hang your jacket over a post so the weight of the jacket is supported by the collar, you will find over time the fabric will stretch and even if the jacket did fit you perfectly initially, it will look like it doesn’t as the stretched fabric looks like excess material.

Butler Luxury
If you do not use luxury hangers, the type without the correct shoulder support, or you hang your jackets over the back of a chair (yes this also applies if you work in a office), the padding in the shoulders will become deformed over time. This can lead to uneven shoulders and makes for a very odd look. This kind of damage is difficult to rectify without costly and very difficult alterations to your beloved jacket that could have been avoided.

Last thing, if you have seen the video and you are wondering what on earth I was talking about in the way I hang my trousers, let me explain. When I was in the armed forces, I was shown a way to hang my trousers that reduced the chance of creasing the trousers. This was very important when our clothes were inspected in minute detail when on parade. The method was to fold one trouser leg in on itself, and the other trouser leg over the top. Apparently it reduced creasing, it is just a habit I have got into as it works for me. It probably isn’t required when you have quality hangers like these from Butler Luxury.

In summary these are excellent hangers and I endorse them completely. For the review I have focused on the practical and have almost overlooked the fact these are beautiful items of the highest quality. Get yourself over to Butler Luxury and invest, you won’t be disappointed. If you are using quality hangers, leave a comment below.

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