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Ever wondered what it is that stylish people have in common? I recently read an article in the Huffington Post – The Habits Of Supremely Happy People, which is clearly paying homage to Dr Stephen Coveys ‘7 habits of highly effective people. It did more than entertain me for a few minutes, it got me thinking about the top ten habits of highly stylish people.

It’s no fluke, you think of all the stylish people you know and they will all demonstrate stylish habits that set them apart from the average person. The interesting thing is none of the habits require you to spend lots of money, or visit the most exclusive shops.

Habit 1: Stylish people know their true size and buy clothes to match

On thing common to ALL stylish people is their clothes fit them perfectly no matter what their shape or size. The key thing is being honest with yourself and buying appropriately. Too many people are in denial about their size in one way or another, whether they are wearing clothes too small because they don’t admit they have put on a few pounds, or worse still buying clothes too small in the first place. The majority however go too far the other way and embrace the ‘comfort fit’, buying clothes one or even two sizes too big. Get measured up in store and invest in properly fitting clothes.

Habit 2: They pay attention to ALL the details, not just accessories

Don’t think that by wearing a pocket square and skinny tie you have got the style thing in the bag. If your shoes are dirty, clothes aren’t pressed, grooming is forgotten or sin of sins, your personal hygiene is lacking, you will never be stylish. I have met plenty of men who will happily wear a bow tie and a shirt that looks like it hadn’t been pressed in weeks. Stylish people look great with or without the extra adornments because they pay attention to ALL the details.

Habit 3: Stylish people are not afraid to be experiment

Some really stylish people have a signature look that they are famous for, but don’t be mistaken into thinking they always looked that way. It would have taken a lot of trial and error until they finally came up with a look they were truly happy with. Compare any stylish¬†celebrity with how they looked a few years ago and you will see their style would have either evolved subtly or transformed completely, but it would definitely have changed. Don’t be afraid to try new things, it takes effort to develop a signature look.

Habit 4: They know the rules and when to break them

It’s all well and good being able to quote “No brown in town” and “No white after labor day”, but rules are meant to be broken. You may be mistaken for thinking this gives you carte blanche to wear what you like. It doesn’t. Too many people inadvertently make mistakes by breaking rules without understanding why there was a rule in the first place. Learn the rules, then bend or break them on your terms.

Habit 5: Stylish people go shopping regularly

If you go shopping regularly, you can’t but help gain an awareness of what is available. You will develop an appreciation of what fits you, what colours work on you and better still you will develop an eye for a bargain. Don’t confuse going shopping with buying, just get out to the shops and learn to enjoy getting round the clothes shops. That way when a sale is on, you will be able to spot the genuine bargains. It’s no coincidence that stylish people know where the best shops are, they get out there and find them.

Habit 6: They’re aware of trends whether they follow them or not

The truly stylish are never a slave to fashion and the latest trends, but they are aware of them so they can pick elements that fit their style perfectly. There are many ways to keep up to date with the latest trends from fashion shows to blogs. Find the right way of keeping up to date and when something new comes along that will give your style a boost, you can adopt it, or better still. adapt it to fit your needs. Not only that, but you will always have something stylish to talk about.

Habit 7: How you treat your clothes is just as important as how you wear them.

¬†If you don’t know how to care for your clothes, you won’t look stylish for long as your clothes degrade prematurely. Knowing how to clean and store your clothes correctly will ensure that they stay looking new for longer. If your clothes last longer because they are in better condition, not only will you look better, but you will save money on replacing worn out clothing. Money that can go to good use buying clothes you want, rather than clothes you need.

Habit 8: There is no such thing as ‘ready to wear’

Ready to wear is a myth. Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues in buying clothes off the peg, but I never consider shop bought items ready to wear. Stylish people know a secret that many will be shocked to discover, tailoring is cheap. To be more specific, the common alterations of turning up trousers, bringing in the waist of trousers and putting in darts in the back of shirts are some of the cheapest alterations you can get. These alterations will make a well fitting garment – perfect. Instead of buying a top end designer garment which will still need alterations, buy a good garment and get it altered to fit perfectly and you will be far more stylish.

Habit 9: Lay out your clothes the night before

Being stylish is no accident, it takes thought and planning. The easiest way to do that is before you go to bed, get into the habit of laying out your clothes for the next day. It is difficult to put the right level of thought required to look truly stylish if you are in a rush in the morning. By laying out the clothes you can make sure it all works as an outfit and each item is in the right condition.

Habit 10: Get dressed and forget about it

You have developed all the habits, you look amazing and you know it. The worst thing you can do now is continuous adjusting or preening, it will undermine your look completely. Put enough effort in before you put on your clothes so you can forget about them, it is the only way you can make style look effortless.

Link to the original article that inspired this one The Habits Of Supremely Happy People

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