Real Men Wear Pink


Pink. A colour not altogether comfortable in many men’s wardrobes but one, truth be told, that we should all be embracing if we hold out any hope of being a dapper chap about town. To be honest, the wearing of pink is not for everyone – it’s not a look that all can conquer and it takes a certain breed of man to pull of the pink shirt or accessory look with anything even approaching aplomb.

There is probably a mental block to overcome for most men deciding to wear pink for the first time because it goes against our baser instincts and is not in keeping with anything that we’re all schooled into thinking that men should wear. But, in actuality, a dash of pink delivered through a finely tailored pink shirt will elevate your style to levels that you daren’t think possible. Put simply, real men wear pink.

pink shirts

When it comes to selecting pink shirts, however, this is the moment that you must ensure that you don’t scrimp on quality because there really are few things that will look more dire than a man in a poorly tailored pink shirt. In order to wear pink successfully, you need to exude confidence and this confidence will come from quality attire such as the superb men’s pink shirts from Budd Shirtmakers above. Without wishing to sound cliched, they really are a cut above and Budd are a London tailor with a reputation truly beyond compare.

Needless to say, it would be folly to dress head to toe in pink – if you’re opting for a shirt in this colour, you need to think carefully about the rest of the clothing that you choose to go alongside it as this will essentially make or break your endeavours to rock the pink look. It will take the confident sort, not against displays of flamboyance, to truly do the pink shirt and accessory look justice, so why not see if you’ve got what it takes this autumn.

Images courtesy of Budd Shirts.

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