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The Chapar

Would you believe you can have your own personal stylist send you a trunk full of the latest stylish clothes to your house for free? I didn’t until The Chapar got in touch and introduced me to this revolutionary way for men to shop for clothes!

I spend a lot of time on this site trying to show the classic rules that influence men’s style, what to choose, why you’d choose it and how to wear it. It is for that very reason I was dubious about handing over the responsibility to someone else. You can’t blame me for being skeptical, since my tastes are unusual, how on earth could any stylist choose what I would wear? To my surprise I couldn’t have been more wrong!

The process starts with a conversation with the stylist on the phone, this can be further refined by email. I was fortunate to get the lovely Alison who clearly knew what to ask to get the best from me. Questions on brand and style preferences, where the gaps are in my wardrobe and any events I have coming up helped Alison paint a picture of what she would put in my trunk.

Next up I went onto their website and ordered a trunk. A couple of days later it arrived via courier with nothing more than a phone call with Alison and a £1 deposit, so far so good. I was surprised at how easy the process had been, and secretly my skepticism had evolved into curiosity, could they really find clothes I would wear?

Now I must confess I did the video in many takes, but the original shot had me unboxing the trunk and watching it back it was clear from my reaction that The Chapar had done an excellent job. From the trunk that probably had over £1000 worth of clothes in it, I would happily have bought half of it. In fact I was amazed at just how high the success rate was. This was made easier because in the trunk there were several bundled outfits (trousers, shirts, Jumpers, etc), so putting these wonderful clothes together was a piece of cake.

You are encouraged to try everything on and to mix and match everything to get a good feel for what is in the trunk which could be done in one very interesting and fun hour. If you compare that to the time it would take you to find all those pieces in different shops, try them on in the different changing rooms and then work from memory to see if the items in all the different shops work together you start to see the real value for a busy professional. That is really the key here, if you are busy and you either don’t get time to shop properly, or you still are not quite sure what to put together, then this is the service for you.

Once you are finished you put the clothes you don’t want back in the trunk, and ask The Chapar to arrange for the courier to collect the trunk. No obligation or expectation to buy. It really was as easy as that.

I would happily recommend The Chapar, the service is excellent not just in the delivery, but in the ability of the stylists, and most of all the quality of clothes. For more information on the Chapar, visit their website here:

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