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Imagine the scene, you are sitting on the train and the person next to you reaches into their bag and pulls out a beautiful leather bound book to read. Opening the cover reveals not the printed pages you would expect, but the latest 10″ tablet PC. Very James Bond, very British and very cool.

British innovation can take many forms,  but the BUKcase is one of my favorites to emerge in recent years. If anything symbolizes the modern gentleman’s philosophy, it is the BUKcase. The modern world of tablet computing and the traditional art of book binding blended together to create something unique and distinctly British. Every BUKcase is proudly embossed with the phrase ‘Handcrafted in England” and is created by genuine book binders.

Since its appearance on Dragons Den, the profile of BUKcase has grown steadily to the point that most tablet lovers are aware of it. I had seen a friends bookcase before my review model and I recall being impressed by the concept and the quality of construction. What I wasn’t aware of, is the company have introduced a few key improvements that have transformed this good product into a truly great piece of innovation. Now there are four small retaining clips and a camera hole so you can now use all the features without removing your tablet. One of my favorite features is the ‘magic off’ feature works in the same way as if using the official flip case. I have used cases where you close them and the iPad screen stays on. When you next go to use it, the battery is dead.  No such problem with the BUKcase which turns the screen off as soon as the cover is closed, very clever.

 It was one of these revisions that caused me a bit of confusion if I’m completely honest. The retaining clips were quite stiff and didn’t appear to want to move. A quick email to the customer support showed two things. First of all I was being too ‘delicate’ with it, I was reassured the BUKcase is very well made and the retaining clips are very strong – there was no way I was going to break the BUKcase with normal use. The second thing that was very reassuring is the service was excellent. The speed of answering my query was first rate and the response was friendly and reassuring.

BUKcase as a company continue to grow and they continue to grow the range with BUKcases available for tablets for most of the big brands and in both 10″ and 7″ versions, so no matter what your tablet of choice, you should be able to find a BUKcase to fit. There is also an imminent launch of an iPad Air version or a soft cover called the BUKcote which I hope to review in the future. In the run up to Christmas, any BUKcase will make the perfect gift.

For more information, please go to the BUKcase website and follow BUKcase on Twitter

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    1. Thanks Mike, Maybe you should consider stocking them? They would perfect for your customers! I wish I could keep it, but I gave it away as part of a Twitter competition. I already miss it and might buy another!

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