Backstage during men’s fashion week

The men’s fashion weeks are coming soon in Milan, London and Paris presenting the Spring-Summer collection for 2015. I do love those stressing days running from a show to another, from a location to another, from a city to another. It is definitely a tiring work but still exciting. My name is Amandine, I am a French photographer who lived from a continent to another, set up now in Milan. Today, I will describe what looks like a day in the men’s backstage.

Being a fashion photographer during the fashion weeks seems to be glamorous and quiet cool. Attending a catwalk of the most important brands in the world that few are able to see is actually an impressive and fantastic experience. But the thing that we don’t realize as a guest is all the work and preparation before these 10 to 20 minutes shows. First, fashion shows are scheduled one after another sometime even at the same hour giving no rest to the photographers, make up artists, stylists, mCorneliani_1odels, technicians, etc., running all over the backstage. It is a jungle where you have to find your spot to take the best pictures, in the fastest way you can in a busy environment. It is fun when you think about it but stressing when you actually do this job. It is a battle that you have to win to get your job done and your clients happy.

What do you see in a backstage? Clothes make up, look books, a lot of people and the most important you can feel the adrenaline in the air! In the picture, you can see the model James in front of his outfit before the show Corneliani. The make up has still to be done. It is actually a lot of waiting for the models but then when the show is over it is a relief for everyone until… the next one starts!

On the following picture you can see the same model after the catwalk in his Corneliani outfit on a little scooter.

The next two pictures were taken after the Galliano’s show.

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