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Online personal stylist services that also provide a shopping experience are starting up all over the place, so does have what it takes to compete with the very best? For those who read my review of The Chapar will know I am a fan of online personal stylists and shopping. As a concept it is a very convenient way to shop. Access to great clothes and a professional styles to help you get the best from what’s available ensure you have all you need to upgrade your style.

The concept –

You build a profile on by uploading some of your favorite images of yourself so your stylist knows what you actually look like. Then you fill out a questionnaire covering your style preferences and goals. You have the opportunity to chat with your stylist via messaging functionality in the website to complete their understanding of what to suggest (initially).

For the next three day days you are sent no less than 10 outfits a day, that’s a mind boggling 30 outfits to consider (clearly maths is my strong point).. For each outfit, you are provided the picture that inspired the outfit so you can picture the full ensemble. You are then asked to rate each item in turn. If you like the item, you can simply drop it into your shopping basket right there and then. For any items you don’t like, you get to say why so the personal stylist can tailor their suggestions in future. You also get to rate the outfit as a whole. Items ordered are sent to you, with clear instructions of what to do if any items don’t fit, or if there are any items you don’t like.

The experience is designed to be simple while giving you access to the to a quality personal stylist for free as the price you pay for the clothes are the price you would pay in the high street. So that’s the theory, so how does it work in practice?

My experience

From signing up, I was sent a registration confirmation email introducing me to the lovely Sophie Bailey-Hine. From the very first batch of outfits Sophie sent to me, it was obvious that she is clearly a talented stylist who managed to find outfits I really would wear. I managed to find something of real merit in every selection. After a couple of days refining the selections sent to me, on the third day, I found items I was happy to invest in. During the first 72 hours, if you place an order, you can take advantage of a discount code. At the time of writing it was £10 which was a nice surprise and if you spread the word and share a link, you can get another £5 discount for every new member who signs up.

The clothes were delivered in a couple of days and were everything I would have hoped they would be. From that day I have been receiving a weekly email with further style suggestions so the process can continue.I have had a couple of chats with Sophie when I have been asking for something in a slightly different colour and I was pleasantly surprised to have a comprehensive email full of alternative suggestions to choose from.

The clothes have access to a comprehensive list of retailers which are predominately high street brands which are all current seasons top picks. Brands like Norse Projects, Our Legacy, Edwin, Paul Smith, Sanders were nice surprises in addition to the more mainstream items. Quality on the whole is good, and manages to walk the line between premium lines and every day value very well. 

What’s not so good?

Every service could use a little bit of improvement and I have picked up on a couple of things I would like to see improved on A couple of items were not quite right, but could have been  better if slightly different. Unfortunately there isn’t the facility to record these preferences with the items/outfits you are looking at. Example. I was sent a lovely navy blue blazer which would have been perfect if it were a two button, unfortunately it was a three button which just doesn’t suit me. I would have liked to have put this preference into the system, but in the feedback you are presented with pre-populated answers, none of which mention the buttons. This is a minor point as you can create a direct message to your stylist. This brings me neatly to my next gripe….

When messaging Sophie through the website, I got a very fast response. A couple of times I replied to the emails Sophie sent to me and the response was not as fast, in fact I got a response from someone else. On digging a bit deeper, I discovered the emails are vetted by the support team prior to being forwarded on. Contact made via the messaging system on the website went straight to Sophie. It’s a minor point, but it’s not clear on the website that is the way it works. Again a minor issue, but for me I had questions about items in my shopping basket that I wanted a swift response to. Now I know, I will message rather than reply to emails.

Final thoughts

I am a fan of these services, they not only make shopping simple, but you will get ideas you probably hadn’t thought of. in particular, with its large range of mainstream brands, will bring personal stylists to the mainstream. Not only that, but the credentials of some of the stylists are up with the very best in the business. You might not be able to source the very top brands right now, but are adding to their list of suppliers all the time. Until then, for your regular clothes shopping made easy, you are unlikely to find a better service for the money.

To get your own personal stylist to help improve your style, you can by visiting

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  1. How does a retailer come in to contact with as I would like to approach them as I have leather men bags, belts on my site and would love to partner up with them as we’ve just launched our site and are stilling adding products daily as we have yet three times the amount to add on yet and would love to partner with a site like this

  2. I’ve found the same regards putting feedback into the system.

    Put simply, if I dislike an item that has been put forward, there is a reason why.

    Thread would do well to refine the feedback collection process to allow a text field, limited to 15 characters or so, to collect the reason why the customer wasn’t keen on the item.

    It’ll only make Thread better – and it is quite great already!

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