The secret to smelling fresh: The Atomizer

It’s no secret that women smell fresh all day long. The problem for us guys is it’s not practical to carry a bottle of fragrance with us all day long. Even with the increase of popularity of man bags to carry your things around, having to manage a large masculine bottle of scent is too much for most of us.

So how do we manage to smell fresh all day? After all, men’s fragrances are so distinctive that when you pass someone who has just the right amount of scent and it’s often a pleasant surprise. Instantly that man appears more stylish no matter how they’re dressed.

About a year ago I was invited to a press event in London for an up and coming fashion house. I asked along a fellow blogger as we had been planning to meet up to discuss all things men’s style and this was the first chance we had. The first thing I noticed was how he smelt fresh. It isn’t the sort of thing guys mention to each other, so I said nothing, but I was impressed none the less. Just before we went into the event, I noticed he pulled a tiny atomizer from his pocket and gave himself a top up with his fragrance.

Atomizer 1

Again I said nothing, but I was impressed by his secret to smelling fresh. So much so that I bought myself an atomizer the very next day. This is where I learned an important lesson. All atomizers are not created equally. I had to dismantle not the atomizer, but pull apart my beloved Creed to try and decant some into the atomizer. Inevitably I spilt lots so more went on the counter than in the atomizer. I didn’t mind though, I now had fragrance on the move, just as I had seen a couple of weeks before. Good times.. Unfortunately this arrangement was short lived. When you realise you are pouring away too much of your precious scents (cents), then you soon go off the idea of filling up the bottle. Atomizer number one was consigned to the rubbish bin.

To cut a long story short, I have tried no less than five different atomizers to find the perfect solution for the modern gentleman to carry his favorite fragrance with him at all times. The winner?

The Travalo Easy Refill Travel Parfum Atomiser

The Tavalo Easy refill travel parfum atomizer is only just bigger than a standard AA battery so is very easy to conceal without resorting to dedicated man bags. It’s small size is not it’s ace up it’s sleeve, the clue is in its name.

To fill the Travalo, all you do is pump it down on the spray nozzle of your favorite fragrance. No fuss and no mess. A few pumps and you are ready to go for weeks of smelling fresh. The cost to this stylish upgrade? £8.99 with free delivery. You can buy yours from Amazon using this link:

Buy The Travalo Easy Refill Travel Parfum Atomiser from Amazon

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