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Sharp and Dapper are an exciting online store offering some great (and one truly exceptional, but more of that later) products for the discerning gentleman. This was going to be a review of their magnificent shirt stays, but due to the generosity of their founder Johan Ekelund, this will have to be so much more. Let me explain.

I am working hard behind the scenes to improve the content and services available on and this prompted me to contact Johan to see if we could partner so I could offer Sharp and Dapper products. I had heard rave reviews from my other blogger friends and when my good friend Antonio Centeno from posted a video on the Sharp and Dapper Shirt Stays, I knew I had to get in touch.

Sharp and Dapper SocksWhile we were discussing future possible collaborations, I discovered my neighbour was supporting the charity Socks and Chocs so being very cheeky I casually asked Johan if Sharp and Dapper could offer any socks in support. I was hoping for perhaps a few pairs, but Johan sent 100! This was the first time I had seen anything from Sharp and Dapper in the flesh. I was completely disarmed at the quality, they were outstanding. Considering these socks sell on Sharp and Dapper for £15 a pair proves the magnitude generosity and for the quality £15 is a steal.

So on to the shirt stays. If you haven’t seen them before, they are like braces, or suspenders for my US friends, for your shirt. Instead of holding your trousers up, they connect between your shirt and socks to keep your shirt pulled in. If it sounds unusual, it’s because it is, but don’t let that put you off. The benefit of always keeping your shirt neatly tucked in means you never have to worry about your appearance or the dreaded muffin top look so many men sport. For me they have become part of my daily routine.

Sharp and Dapper Shirt StaysThey are not without their own nuances. There is a knack to fitting them as it isn’t easy to attach them to your shirt whilst wearing it, believe me I tried. Simply attach them to the shirt whilst it is still on its hanger to ensure they are uniform. Two at the front and two at the back. My second mistake was to attach the ones at the back, to the back of my socks. The problem with that is when you walk, it makes your trousers look odd as they contract. If I had paid more attention to the pictures, I would have seen the shirt stays criss-cross front to back so they wrap around your legs to provide a snug and discreet fit. Once these two simple rules were mastered, my shirts have remained perfectly tucked in at all times.

Not content to offer this exceptional but unusual product, Sharp and Dapper are continuously expanding their range of products. Another gem are the buttons you can attach to your trousers if they don’t have them fitted for proper braces. I am a big fan of braces, but they have to be proper button fitting braces, the 80’s clip on variety do nothing for me. The Sharp and dapper buttons mean any pair of trousers – even jeans, can be dressed up with the very best looking braces. Did I mention they sell braces too? If fact the current list is comprehensive with Ties, collar stays, sleeve garters, bow ties, pocket squares and their very clever ‘The Tie Thing’.  The range is always expanding so check back often.

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