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A look forward to 2015

There is a popular belief that a New Years Resolution is there to be broken, a fad if you will, that has little chance of success. I’m not sure I subscribe to that theory with some of my most significant, but lasting changes happening at the crest of a new year. It is then with great excitement I can share some of the plans for 2015.

Posts have been sparse over the past few months as I have worked with a new Editor and senior designer on some changes that will bring something more pleasing to the eye, and a higher standard of content coming more often. The current design is not the fruits of this new working relationship, and so you still have something to look forward to when it comes to the aesthetics.

And so to the content, what does the new year hold in store for the modern gentleman?

Whiskey and wine! Or more specifically I am going to improve my knowledge of my two favourite drinks. I have only ever considered myself as someone with a passing interest who drinks for pleasure, but the time has come where I want to become a real enthusiast. From understanding what wine to choose with food, to knowing what wine to bring to a party, I want to know. Anything I learn that’s worth sharing will make it  the website.

Cocktails! While on the subject of alcohol, I am being often introduced to more elaborate or exotic cocktails. I have in the past shied away from cocktails, but have recently come to discover that some are not only manly but also have a real air of sophistication, especially if not on the menu. I am going to learn how to make some real gems and if I can make them, then so can you.

Health! After all that consumption of alcohol, getting in shape should be high up on the agenda. It is even more important for me as I have somehow managed to put on 10kgs of middle-aged spread and it’s making my relationship with my tailor difficult. There are only so many times you can let out seams before there is nothing more to let out. I passed that point some time ago and am ashamed to admit it, but my style is really suffering. So I will be trying everything at my disposal and share what works and what doesn’t in my quest to get back into shape.

Technology! I have always been closet gadget fan, but productivity is my main drive when it comes to technology. I have found myself sharing more of my working practices, cool apps and of course gadgets with friends, family and colleagues.  So much so, that I know I can give you some great technology content. I also know some great technology bloggers so featured posts will be on the cards for 2015.

Speaking of featured posts and guest bloggers, we will be adding to our current band of talented writers to include even more perspectives on gentlemanly content such as watches, manners, style, cars and much, much more. If you feel you would make a great contributor to The Modern Gentleman, then please get in touch.

If you add all that to the existing Style, Grooming and Etiquette that we’re used to seeing on the pages of the Modern Gentleman, it all adds up to a subtle but important change that can only improve what you will find here.



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