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Sockbeat: Not just socks as gifts

On my hunt to find the perfect Valentines day gift recommendation, I came across Sock Beat, simply the most fun packaged socks I have ever seen on a webpage. As a gent who has a penchant for fun but stylish socks, this had to be the perfect solution.

An email to Sock Beat had me introduced to a very charming chap with an equally cool name, Rokas. I explained to Rokas that not only was I a sock fan, but I’d love to be able to wax lyrically about his socks for a Valentine’s day gift if only he could get some to me in time. The deal was done and in just a couple of days the socks were delivered.

As much as I would like to pretend I am an expert in all things hosiery, at best all I can really claim to be is an enthusiast. So while I can’t tell you with certainty what details distinguish these as top quality socks, I can tell you what details set them apart from other socks.

I love the fact these socks are presented in what I can only describe as folded to resemble mini shirts and ties. However once you have received your socks and you’re using them every day, will they still make you smile when they’ve been through the wash a couple of times? All socks have contrasting toe, heel and tops in either bright red or yellow which add a touch of fun as well as a splash of colour, not that these are lacking in colour. All designs are bold, but my favourites are the spotted, purple Cross Beats. Thankfully I’d happily wear them all.

My only criticisms of these funky socks are the seams at the toes are quite pronounced so if you are anything like me, you will notice them while you get used to your new socks. That didn’t last too long and I soon forgot about them until someone commented on how cool my socks were.

Also, and this is probably due to the pressures I placed Sock Beat to get me some socks quickly, the packaging was less than perfect when they arrived. I’m sure that had Sock Beat not been so accommodating, and used their regular shippers, everything would have been fine, but in my desire to have them immediately, the box was a little squashed. Clearly this is less of an issue once you start using the socks every day.

In summary these are a really well presented package of socks that make a great gift. The designs are bold and the colours are great. They are also really competitively priced with probably reflects the materials, where the design could push them into a more premium price point.

Click here to get your Sock Beat socks.


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