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Bachelor’s Box November Review

As a fan of subscription shopping, I am always on the lookout for something new and interesting that gives me the convenience of ‘to my door’ delivery, and takes the thinking out of purchases. This is where Bachelor’s Box comes in.

Every month, Bachelor’s will deliver carefully selected gentleman’s accessories, all for the very modest sum of only £25. With good value like that, there has to be a catch right? Read on to find out.

What’s in the box?

Opening the well packaged box I was greeted to a beautifully crafted lapel rose. I have for many years been sporting a ColourBud I got from the Wardrobe Wingman before it became Outfit Toolkit. Now I love the simplicity of the colourbud with its button fastening and great value for only £10. The lapel pin from Bachelor’s Box is real leap forward in quality and I would it would sell for £20 if you could get it on its own. Impressive when the whole box is only £25 delivered.

Next up is a funky knitted tie. This is a nice tie, with a bold polkadot pattern and strong colours. The usually unseen details are nice too as the tie features a neat sewn in label with Bachelor’s box signature for branding. I wouldn’t suggest this is just here to make up the numbers, but it is definitely the lowest value item in the box having been made from polyester. This is where the Bachelor’s box is clever. I wouldn’t usually buy a polyester tie, but I really like the style of this one and can see me wearing it with a more casual look that’s a bit of fun. It’s probably worth £10 if you bought it in a store, so with the lapel pin, you’ve already made your money back. Have I mentioned it’s only £25?

This is where things take a surprise turn. Next up there is a grey, woven woollen tie that is simply fantastic, and if you watched the video review, you’ll know I used that word a lot! The grey tie really feels like a premium item, but it’s also very versatile so you could wear it in a huge array of different outfit styles. I can see the being the king of the business casual when you want to go out after work. It’s smart enough, but casual enough for work whilst still looking great on a night out with a sports coat. Once again there is the Bachelor’s box branded logo sewn into the label, but this time it says hand made. I did say this was a surprise. You could easily spend more than the price of the whole box on this tie alone. All of a sudden the Bachelor’s box is looking like great value.

The last item in my box was an exquisite silk pocket square. The purple polkadot style is familiar as it was the same as the first tie, which I suspect was chosen to compliment the pocket square. A word of warning, I would never actually pair a matching tie and pocket square together for fear of looking like I’d been dressed straight out of a department stores pre packed shirt and tie combo. That matters little as both the tie and the silk pocket square stand up on their own merit and would make great accessories. Once again there is the Branded label and this too has been hand made. A quick look on the Mr Porter website and the cheapest pocket square is £35 and I’m sure they are machine finished.

The verdict

By my calculations, the cheapest you could buy those four items for, if you were to do it yourself would be £100. This easily makes the Bachelors box the bargain of the century. I often give style advice recommending that you buy one accessory a month, be it a tie or pocket square etc. This way over time you can build up a versatile range of looks, and all you are changing are the accessories. For the cost of one item, you can get four so the Bachelors box would kickstart your style.

To get your own Bachelor’s Box, visit their website and by using the code “THEMITCH”, you get €5 off your first months subscription.


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