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Infinities and Paul Smith for great gifts

Paul Smith as an iconic brand is recognisable by it’s fun, but most definitely British style. When the lovely people at Infinities told me they were stocking the latest Paul Smith Accessories, I had to take a look.

With the festive season almost upon us, menswear accessories make the perfect gifts. Finding a good range that isn’t going to break the bank is a challenge, so when you first discover Infinities, you can feel a little spoilt for choice. It didn’t take me long to settle on a stunning damson coloured scarf, a pair of socks with the iconic Paul Smith stripes, a charming but cheeky keyring and a matching slimline cardholder wallet.

[edit] I want to be clear, this is not a sponsored post, there are no affiliate links in here, I am not getting paid for this article and I won’t get paid if you buy any of the products. All thoughts are entirely my own. It hasn’t been edited or changed by anyone other than yours truly. I just included the links to the specific items so you can see what I got, and where I got it. [/edit]

The Damson Scarf

So with winter here, who doesn’t need a new scarf? Well scarves are probably the most underrated style accessory you can get. Most men only have one or two, but when they can have such a dramatic impact on your outfit, you should select them as carefully as you pick your ties. That said, if you are only going to invest in one or two, you can’t go wrong with this one. The dark damson is neutral enough to compliment a whole rage of colours and the hint of blue and gold from the stripes open up even more colour combinations.

The construction, which if you believe the website is 97% wool and 35% silk. Luckily maths is not my strong point, style is, and this really is a very stylish scarf. Checking the label, it’s actually 3% silk. If I have one criticism, you can’t tell instantly from looking at it, that it’s from Paul Smith, but its style and versatility soon make up for that fact. It’s such a minor point, because regardless of the branding, it is a great scarf. It’s easy to pair with a huge array of outfits, it’s thin enough to be comfortable in any situation, and it’s wide too so you can create a number of different looks with it.

Splendid Socks

There is no such fears with the Paul Smith micro spot socks, which have the signature Paul smith stripes inset into neat circles. Although they are Navy, the colour is so dark they could be mistaken for black. I think this is a benefit as it makes them just a tad more versatile. Remove the packaging and you are treated to the trademark Paul Smith signature. I wasn’t expecting to see made in Italy, but having married into an Italian family, It was easy for me to ask about the Italian sock trade. I hear Italian sock making is right up there with their silk ties and leather goods, so high praise indeed.

Cheeky Keyring

I have to confess I don’t use a keyring. I have a bunch of keys, but they are all linked via the standard (and rubbish) steel rings. On reflection, this is odd because as a teen I collected keyrings. So when I saw the cheeky Paul Smith Naked Lady keyring I thought it was great. The style reminded me of the 50’s art, a time when nudity was at its most tasteful. It’s made from high grade leather with a gold coloured ring. It would make the perfect gift as it comes in a delightful presentation bag. I say ‘would’ because I got all these things for me, they are far too nice to give away.

Luxury wallet

I gave up on big bulky wallets a long time ago, I find them very unflattering in any outfit no matter where you store them. When I discovered the ultra slimline card holder wallets, I knew this was the future, for me at least. I’ve experimented with quite a few and the one thing I have learned is there is no substitute for a quality product. Inferior items have stitching that frays or seams that come apart. There are no such problems with the Paul Smith Card Holder Wallet.

Presented in a delightful presentation box, this to is a great gift idea that is as functional as it is stylish. Using the same 50’s inspired naked lady print, but placed so discreetly on the inside of the wallet, only you will know it’s there. There’s room for four cards, and on a night out, that’s the most I would ever need to carry. Again the quality is top notch, as you would expect from Paul Smith. The Paul Smith logo is embossed into the front, for some subtle branding. There is another similar wallet with the more recognisable Paul Smith stripes, but I thought I’d stick with the 50’s lady so it would match the keyring.

Once I’d finished writing this all up I went back to check where the scarf was made and yes, that too is made in Italy. It’s great to see the new Paul Smith accessories are all made somewhere you can consider superior quality and not mass produced in a far eastern factory. When you get to see these items in person, you can’t fail to be impressed by the quality. All these items come highly recommended.

For the latest items from the Paul Smith Accessories range visit the infinities website at which I found to be the best mix of a large range, and good pricing. In fact, if you use the code MITCH10 you can get an extra 10% off all accessories from Infinities, not just the Paul Smith range.


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