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Mankind Black Friday special

I recently discovered that Mankind not only offer great tips and and advice, they are a pretty fine emporium of great grooming products. After discovering Mankind only a couple of months ago, I finally ordered some items. This started a conversation where I found myself being in the very lucky position to review one of their limited edition Black Friday grooming boxes. See how I get on and check out my video.

Like all good stories, this starts the same way… I was surfing the web when I was surprised to find…. Well almost. I was researching different shaving articles when I found the article Your best shave ever. Once I’d read it, I stuck around on the site and found some really interesting grooming products. I ordered a couple of items I’d heard good things about and let them know I was planning to review them. This struck up a conversation and the rest is history!

Black Friday Special

The box arrived yesterday and still I can’t see it on the website so I this really is an exclusive first peek at a limited edition box that is crammed full of great grooming products. So what’s in the box?? Well there is enough to give your grooming regime a full make over. I decided to take the risky approach of trying it all (almost) just before doing a video review so you could really see the results in glorious 1080p HD video! I was surprised at the results

Korres Fig Shower gel

So first up was a shower using the Korres Fig Shower Gel. At £8 for 250ml it’s not priced at what is clearly a premium product. I could tell it was pH-neutral because of the way it easily foamed up, but only look at the huge list of benefits and 90.4% natural content and you can see this is no ordinary shower gel. No ethanolamines, No synthetic dye, No Alcohol, No animal by-products and suitable for vegetarians and vegans (presumably if they get hungry when the smell it), to name just a few. My only criticism would be it’s meant to smell of freshly cut figs. I certainly smell fruity, and I really like the scent, but I wouldn’t call it figs. That’s just my opinion and is inconsequential when you see how good it is.

AB Crew Shave cream

A couple of the items were real standout amazing, and the AB Crew Shave Cream was one of them. Where most shaving creams smell soapy or are highly perfumed, the AB Crew shave cream was heavily spiced with cinnamon which is an incredible scent when having a shave. Applying it was a surprise to because it feels quite thin and creamy, and not what you’d expect of a top quality shaving lubricant. If the consistency was a surprise, the sensation was an outright shock. There is an active ingredient which I am going to guess is the liquid black rock. It tingles on your face, a bit like tea tree products, but where tea tree tingles cool, the AB Crew shave cream tingles warm and is a much nicer experience. The quality of the shave was excellent and as you can see in the video, I have no shaving rash or razor burn, just a perfectly close shave. In fact I’m a convert and if I could only choose one product out of the whole box, it would be this one, it’s amazing. £18 for 120ml, this is a premium product, but worth every penny.

Mazorin Liquid Asset Working Late Eye Serum

So if there is only one more must have item in the Black Friday Special Grooming box, the Mazorin Liquid Asset Working Late Eye Serum is it! It’s astounding. For those who saw my last video, there is no denying I was looking pretty tired. That’s the consequence of getting up at 05:30 for the gym, and not getting to bed until 00:00 writing articles! That kind of lifestyle can give you bags. So can you believe my amazement when the Mazarin eye serum removed them completely! I’m not talking a noticeable reduction, I’m talking vanished! I must admit it took some help to figure out there was a pump to get the serum out,  but once that puzzle was solved, there was no turning back. It’s cool and soothing. My video was taken no later than 30 minutes after applying it, and the transformation was amazing. At only £15.75, it was far cheaper than any eye serums my wife would buy and even she had to agree, this was so effective!

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser

When I started doing videos, I got a lot of advice about not using a moisturiser before going on camera as it makes your face shiny. I figured, what the heck and used it anyway. If my face was going to be shiny, you were going to know it was from the products. I thought you’d overlook that in the name of the review. To my surprise, there was none of that. Once I’d use the Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser my skin was soft and there was no oily residue that you can get from certain men’s moisturisers. I looked on the Mankind website and if you want this moisturiser, you’re going to have to spend £28 on buying a large multipack which further demonstrates how exclusive this limited edition is.

Redken Working Wax Maneuver

So I like to use a bit of product, but I am more a light hair cream person. My hair is too long and too fine for wax. Or so I thought. Any preconceived ideas I had about using wax soon vanished when I started to use the Redken maneuver working wax. It was just like a slightly thicker version of my usual hair cream. I used it the next day and the hold was jut a smidgen better than what I was used to, but the look, feel and texture was the same. At £11 for 100ml it is certainly cheaper than my usual salon sourced hair product but is easily of equal quality.


At the time I did the video, I wasn’t able to try the Men-U D Tox Deep Clean Clay Mask. Not because I didn’t want to, but because the instructions say to try it on your skin for 24hrs first. Well that mean I tried it today! I must confess, I never felt face masks were really for men. Men should be rugged and well manly looking with manly skin. That said, a style blogger I respect greatly once told me “There is nothing manly about skin that’s dry and in bad condition.” Was it enough for me to try face masks then? No, but I did start to take better care of myself and I had no qualms in trying it today. So the results? I have combination skin where my nose is a bit oily, but my cheeks are dry (too much information? Well you did ask!). The MEN-Ü clay mask managed to even up my skin perfectly. My only concern with the face mask is other than really special nights out, I’m not sure I would be bothered with an extra step that took 20 minutes to apply, leave and wash off. It’s a great product, but perhaps the only one I won’t be buying in future. You might have more time, or need than I, so don’t let me dissuade you from what is a very effective product.

Over view:

As you can see, this all adds up to almost £100 worth of top quality grooming products. Well I told you this was a special deal for Black Friday, so if you visit Mankind on the day, you can get all of this for only £25. Stocks will be limited as this is strictly as limited edition. If you manage to get yourself over to Mankind before Black Friday, you will see they have another generous deal of 20% off the website if you use the code: STOCKING. Can you tell it’s almost Christmas?

Don’t forget to follow Mankind on Twitter at, @mankindcouk


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