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Gentlemen’s Style Guide: Quick Tips for Wearing Tweed

It’s time to forget tweed’s undue associations with a stuffy look and a somewhat itchy feel. Granted, most of us view tweed as a fabric worn by English gentry, college professors, and our grandparents. But the truth is that tweed is a versatile fabric and there are many ways to not only make the fabric work but construct clever outfits that are both modern and fresh.

“Why wear tweed in the first place?” you would ask. This coarse, rugged fabric has a distinctive appearance and has a structured, professional look. But more importantly, it’s a great choice during the colder months, when keeping warm is a must. Tweed is a great material to have fun with: pairing it with modern accessories creates great-looking outfits. We’ve comprised a list of useful tips for wearing tweed that are bound to make you stand out.

Tip #1: Don’t Overdo It


When you’re only flirting with tweed, try to keep the affair casual. There are some who are more than capable of pulling off an all-tweed look and while they look absolutely fabulous, it takes a great eye to correctly choose such an outfit. So it’s best to consider moderation at first. Opt for a tweed blazer or jacket in light or earth-tones and pair that with a darker tie and a checkered or striped shirt.

Tip #2: Choose Modern Cuts


When in doubt, choose a clean-cut garment that is easy to accessorize. A tweed vest goes perfectly with a dark-colored knit tie, as does a tweed jacket. Pair that with a great watch and dark blue trousers or a pair of well-fitting jeans and you’re all set. You can always experiment with color and go for a darker tweed vest paired with a collared shirt (sleeves rolled up, of course), a white tie and a pair of jeans. Nowadays, there are many companies producing modern tweed patterns and styles, so choosing appropriately will surely be the first step towards an eye-catching outfit.

Tip #3: Be Picky with Tweed Pants


The importance of a good fit when it comes to tweed pants can’t be overstated. Ideally, you should stick to tweed pants that are understated: flashy tweed is ill-chosen tweed and you should steer clear of it. Flat front tweed pants tend to look good on almost anyone, especially when paired with a proper belt and a great pair of shoes. Slim fits are also an excellent choice. However, there are some bold gentlemen who are open to experimenting. Nowadays, you can even find tweed sweatpants: it’s your decision how far you go.

Tip #4: Accessories are Everything


A good-looking tweed outfit can truly shine when it’s paired with the proper accessories. Now, you may immediately think about shoes and watches, vests and ties, and while those are all great starting points, there are certain accessories that we often overlook. Men’s Laptop Organizer Leather Briefcase can only complement your outfit (and no, you won’t look like a Harvard professor with a bag full of papers that need grading). Cufflinks are another tasteful accessory for a special tweed jacket.

But how about pocket squares? A well-chosen pocket square adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise bland tweed outfit. Granted, you may not want to wear pocket squares for any occasion. Then again, there’s this saying: “you can never be over-dressed”. A scarf is another accessory that’s worth considering. Just look at this gentleman and his awe-inspiring outfit. I’d certainly want to wear that on any occasion.

Tip #5: Be Mindful of the All-Tweed-Suit


If you’re set on wearing an all-tweed outfit remember that simplicity works best. Choose from neutral color pallets (greys and dark blues or earth tones work best) and pair those with a statement tie. Accessorize with a pocket square, a great watch, or if you really want to stand out, a vintage pocket watch.

Tweed is an excellent material to wear and it will serve you well if you choose its companions carefully. Feel free to let us know how you love to wear your tweed pieces in the comments sections below.


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