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Splashshave shaving subscription

The subscription model is everywhere now because it takes the pain out of buying anything that you need on a regular basis. For a modern gentleman, never has this been more appropriate than when shaving. The problem with shaving is blades are just so expensive. So what if I told you there is a subscription for razor blades that is not only convenient, but it’s unbeatable value too, would you be interested?  The guys from Splashshave have a super just might have the answer for you.

I think the whole concept of subscription shaving is a great one because men often use their blades far too long, and there is nothing worse than shaving with a dull blade.  The problem of convenience vs cost is a big deal for the shaving industry because the standard Gillette model is neither convenient (you never have a new blade when you need one) or cost effective. At today’s prices a pack of four Gillette fusion cartridges cost £10.59 from boots, but the cheapest delivery is £3.50. That means the mainstream competition costs you £14.09 delivered. For me, a dark haired man who has to shave every day, I go through a cartridge a week, so that’s about a month’s supply for me.

A little while back, I reviewed Cornerstone’s shaving subscription. I loved the convenience of razors delivered to your door, but at £30 a pack, you are not going to save any money. The thing I was really impressed with, was the quality of the razor was improved over the mainstream offerings from Gillette. This is a really important point, but I’ll come back to this later.

So now enter new company Splashshave. They are offering a pack of four cartridges for only £8.95 and that includes a handle and FREE delivery as a one off deal. If you buy it as a subscription, it’s only £7.95 a month. That’s just over half of what you’d pay for a Gillette. The value is so incredible there has to be a catch… hasn’t there?

Ordering is super easy, with a very slick and fuss free website. Delivery is quick and for me my razors came in just a couple of days. It was here that I got my first hint of how Splashshave can offer such great value, there was no packaging to speak of. My razors were delivered in a plain white jiffy bag. In an age where we are being encouraged to think more responsibly about our carbon footprint and the waste we generate, I think this is a bold, but welcome step. I don’t care for fancy packaging on things I see as a necessary evil. I’d rather have better value than better marketing and remember, this is a subscription so they don’t need to worry about catching my eye on the shop shelves.

The handle is superbly tactile and it was easy to have an excellent shave, but compared to a Gillette handle, there is less weight and that could for some people be an indication of inferior quality. For me that wasn’t an issue, after all, it’s just a handle. For me it was really comfortable and that’s the main thing. The cartridges are primarily plastic, with either three or five blades. I had the five blade model.

Great value is all well and good, but if the shave is no good, it just becomes cheap. This is the part where I don’t mind saying I got confused. The quality of the shave is exceptional. I had waited until I had a full week’s growth, something many of you will know is a real struggle for a Gillette as those blades will clog up and cause razor burn. Not the Splashshave razors, they were super sharp and had no problems with my beard. I needed less passes and got a far closer shave than you would expect from a Gillette. These blades really are the way forward.

When I did the Cornerstone review, the best part was the quality of the blades. I liked everything else, but I absolutely loved the blades. That was the part that made the real difference. So can you imagine my surprise when I noticed that the Splashshave blades were just as good? The big boys like Gillette and Wilkinson sword spend millions on product development so for one company to create a better razor, that would be a surprise. If two companies could do it? That’s a shock. So I opened up my Cornerstone package only to find the cartridges are identical! I don’t mean they look the same, they are actually identical. I was able to put the Splashshave cartridge on the Cornerstone handle and vice versa.


I don’t know how Splashshave have managed it, but they have pulled off a real Coup de grace for other subscription services and probably the big boys too. They have managed to secure a deal with the best razor cartridge supplier, reduced the costs where it’s most sensible to do so, and have provided a flexible subscription model that should appeal to every man of shaving age. I know this is an ever changing market, but as it stands today, I wouldn’t go anywhere else than Splashshave.

BONUS Discount!

As if the Splashshave subscription wasn’t cheap enough as it is, if you use the code SUBSAVE3 all new customers will get £3 off their first subscription!

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