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Corniche Heritage 40 watch review

Corniche watches recently launched their anniversary edition of the popular Heritage 40 watches. All are limited edition so with style and exclusivity, can this Swedish manufacture steal the limelight from their mainstream rivals?

When I was asked to review the Corniche Heritage 40 watch, I have to confess I didn’t know much about them. When I think of Sweden I think of quirky styling and total commitment to the brand. I wouldn’t have said classic styling with contemporary touches blended together to make something truly handsome. With the Corniche Heritage 40 (even the name reminds me of classic British elegance), the mix of old and new combine to make something really quite interesting.

 I wouldn’t ever pass myself off as a watch expert who understands all the finer nuances of what makes one watch better than another. One thing I do appreciate is the aesthetics, and this is one area that the Heritage 40 is exactly the kind of watch I would be wearing. It’s classic styling and understated elegance are characteristics I would try and emulate for my whole outfit, and this watch has it in abundance. Corniche say their influences are the French Rivera, I’m not so sure I’d say I can see that in the styling, but I can see a very classy watch so what do I know?

When talking to my watch aficionado friends, their first question was about the movement. The Miyota 2025 didn’t seem to set the world alight for them, but since making the video I have done some more investigation and it looks to be a extremely reliable, accurate and robust movement that does exactly what it says on the box. When you consider the price point the Heritage is marketed at, and the amount of style you will wear on your wrist, the movement works fine for me!

Details like the secure butterfly clasp on the crocodile print leather strap, or the brushed sides giving a contemporary profile are just some of the details that really set this apart. The etched tree design on the back is subtle and classy. If I were to pick the standout thing, it’s not easy. It’s better to think that the sum of the parts are greater than the whole. For the money, I would be hard pressed to find a watch as elegant in design and execution.

Technical Specs

  • Polished Rose Gold with brushed sides
  • 40 mm White porcelain face
  • 47mm from lug to lug
  • 22mm Strap at the lug
  • 87g weight
  • Miyota 2025 movement
  • Saphire crystal anti-scratch screen
  • Water proof to 5 atm (50m)
  • Retail €325 = £235

For more information visit the Corniche Watches website at


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