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Great Father’s day ideas: Beer and socks

The great Father’s day gift ideas of beer and socks have been the cornerstone of many our shopping list when hunting for that special something for dad. Much like a dozen red roses or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s day, beer and socks are traditional.

Unfortunately for us dads, getting beer we would actually drink, or socks we would want to wear is a dream many have given up on.

Thankfully for us, someone came up with a great Father’s Day gift idea of beer and socks that solves this conundrum – the limited edition Shock Top Father’s day gift set. Four bottles of carefully selected Shock Top Belgian wheat ale, brewed with citrus peels and coriander are beautifully packaged with a fun pair of socks that will bring a smile to any dad on Father’s day.

Shock Top Belgian Wheat Ale

The first thing to notice is the easy twist cap, so you won’t be hunting around on Father’s day for a bottle opener. That said, don’t be tempted to drink this beer straight from the bottle. The aroma is delicious with more than a hint of citrus, and when poured into a wide mouth glass, it’s positively fruity. Being a wheat beer, it has a mellow flavour and the combination with the citrus is quite delicious.

It’s a clever blend of flavours that will appeal to the real ale, craft beer and summer lager drinkers alike. I dare say that with four 330ml bottles, that’s enough for father’s and son’s to share together, but once tasted, both will probably order another box just for themselves. How do I know this? I actually got this set for my dad but couldn’t resist trying one bottle, you know, just to make sure I was giving a good present. Now I’ve had to order another box.

At a reasonable 5.2% abv, it’s not too strong, but it’s potent enough to let you know you’re drinking good beer. The bottles themselves are a proper size at 340ml, unlike the much smaller 250 or 275ml bottles that are becoming commonplace.

The timing is perfect, not just for Father’s day, but because the Shock Top beer feels like a real summer drink. Serve chilled on a hot day and this is the perfect Barbeque beer. Let’s just hope the weather holds out on Father’s day.

The Socks

No doubt the beer will have you smiling, but the socks from Sock Fancy will have everyone else smiling too. In Charcoal Grey with fun orange segments all over them, you can’t help be reminded of the influences on the Shock Top Beer. The quality seems perfectly acceptable and although time will tell, the comfortable blend of Cotton, Polyester, Nylon and Spandex should see a sock that breathes well, provides all day comfort and won’t wear out quickly. That and they look fun too. All in all a great addition to a lovely gift set.

How to buy it

This exclusive offer is available for only £15.99 at Shock Top at Ocado and if you are not already an Ocado customer, they are giving £20 off your first shop when spending over £80, so you could get this already good deal for an amazing 99p just for getting your weekly groceries from somewhere else. As a Father’s day gift idea, it is not only affordable enough that everyone could buy one, but at the same time it’s individual enough to say “I got you something I knew you’d like, but probably wouldn’t have bought”.

All in all, it’s highly recommended. Now to leave enough clues for my boys to order me another box…


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