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The Personal Barber Wet Shaving Subscription

Shaving subscription Father’s Day gift

If your looking for the ultimate father’s day gift idea, will the Personal Barber’s wet shaving subscription cut the mustard? I bought a box and ended up with more than I bargained for.

But before the review, I want to tell you a true but short story. A few months ago my father, who was on the waiting list for a Kidney transplant, got the call we all hoped he would get. It was the middle of the night and he just got up and left for the hospital immediately. While on route I received a call asking me to stop by his house and pick up his gentleman’s grooming bag. All men have a bag for toiletries, toothbrush and most importantly, their trusty razor. When I found my dads, I was saddened to see my dad was using an ancient disposable multi blade razor and his grooming bag contained some supermarket shaving foam. As a shaving routines go, this was pretty poor so I vowed to upgrade his grooming gear for Father’s day.

Fast forward to the present day, and I had the conundrum of trying to work out what my dad would actually use. Being a gentleman blogger I get to try a lot of things, but finding what would work for my dad was going to be tricky without letting the cat out of the bag as to what his present was going to be.

It is here that The Personal Barber Wet Shaving Subscription presented itself. I have reviewed a few shaving subscriptions, but they are all so similar that you are really choosing what handle to go for as the cartridges were all the same. Not so with the personal barber. On your first box you get a delightful branded safety razor handle. Not to stop there, you get enough QUALITY blades to get you started. Also a nicely weighted, and TPB branded proper shaving brush, shaving soap, and the great race scrub and anti-aging moisturiser from premium brand Menage.

The Razor

The Personal Barber branded razor is a lovely touch. It has a really good weight, giving a stable and comfortable shave. The handle is quite short, more akin to a travel razor, but it sits comfortably in the hand so this is an observation, not a criticism. The opening is the traditional and simple three piece arrangement, unlike the more modern, but much harder to clean cantilever mechanisms. It reminds me of the Merkur Classic. Build quality is excellent, this is a razor that could last a lifetime if needed, but is also a great introduction to proper wet shaving.

The Shaving Brush

The addition of a shaving brush is a really nice touch, and it’s good too. The weight is good and there is a great density of bristles, however being synthetic bristles, they are softer than the more traditional badger hair bristles. It produces a great lather, but that could also be due to the excellent shaving soap included in the kit.

Valobra Almond Shaving Soap

This is a real gem of a shaving soap the almond smell is good enough to eat and the lather produced is creamy and luxurious feeling on the skin. It requires a bit of work to lather up, the end result will take you by surprise it’s that good. This shaving soap will make it into my daily grooming routine for sure.

Menage Cleansing Face Scrub

I have always liked Menage products and the Deep pore cleansing Face Scrub is no exception. My only criticism of the whole kit is that the face scrub still uses the plastic micro-balls to get an exfoliating effect. I’m sure they are effective, but I prefer a more gentle soap. Within one hour of this post going live, the diligent people at Menage contacted me to say the face scrub doesn’t use plastic micro-beads, they are in fact natural volcanic ash that will not harm the environment. I apologise for any confusion I might have caused.

Menage Anti-Aging moisturiser

Another winner is the Menage Anti-Aging Moisturiser. It’s thin enough to apply quickly and drys to a nice finish and doesn’t leave your face oily or shiny like many men’s products. It includes every day sun protection with SPF 15 and it blocks the ageing rays by 5* UVA (A for Ageing and UVB, B for burning). A great product and a great finish off to your grooming routine.

The twist

So if your wondering how I know so much about this box if I’ve bought it as a present? Well once I opened it, I just had to have it. I’ve had to order another for my dad’s fathers day gift.

If you’re in need of the perfect Father’s Day gift, The Personal Barber Wet Shaving subscription, could well have something that is perfect. You might find that it’s a treat you might find you get for yourself too.. Subscribe to the personal Barber Mailing list and get 15% off your first order.

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