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Jura Tastival 2016 whisky review

At the time I reviewed the gorgeous Jura X Trakke waxed cotton backpack, the team at Jura asked if I’d be interested in reviewing the limited edition 2016 Jura Tastival whisky. Without hesitation I said yes, not just because whisky is my drink of choice, but because in this case, limited edition really means limited edition. There are only going to be 2000 bottles of this made ever. To get a sample is a big deal so I was going to review this no matter what.

This is where I need to ask for your forgiveness for a couple of reasons. First of all, I have never done a whisky review before and there is a reason why the expert vloggers like Ralphy are so watchable, they have reviewed so many whiskies and practice makes perfect. Luckily for me, I haven’t found another review of this whisky on youtube so this is an exclusive. My second apology is due to the fact I only had a small sample, so this was a one take deal. Ordinarily for my videos I’d shoot them, then reshoot over a number of days until I was happy with the quality and contents. I didn’t get the chance here. What you see is what you get!

Colour a rich amber, caramel colour.

Aroma, smooth and complex. Initially subtle, you have to work hard to understand what’s there, but  it soon opens up to be very sweet and smooth. It changes over time, which is great for the whisky enthusiast. There is a sherry sweetness (it is aged in a sherry cask), and this is superseded with honey tones.

At 51% abv it is significantly stronger than most whiskies available which are usually at 40% abv. This extra strength shows itself as an initial fire that instantly subsides. It’s characterful to say the least and adds to the complex nature of the 2016 Jura Tastival whisky.

With just a few drops of water, I used between 3-5ml, the flavours change. The fire is tamed, but it’s still got an initial bite. It opens up the flavours and makes them more recognisable. The sweetness is there in abundance, but now an aromatic spice comes through that reminded me of mulled wine.

To get your hands on your own limited edition Jura Tastival, you can order it here:


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