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Wilkinson Sword’s new razor for sensitive skin

The Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 sensitive was given it’s toughest test yet, when I reviewed it wearing nine days growth, which on me is a full beard. Not only that, but I suffer from really sensitive skin, especially around my neck.

Some of you are probably surprised I tried a multi blade cartridge razor you can pick up from a supermarket. It’s true for the most part I use either my top of the range double edged safety razor, or just as often an ultra sharp cutthroat razor. The thing that caught my eye was the new label. Sensitive.

The problem with most cartridge razors

Part of the reason I like more traditional razors is I do like the ceremony of shaving. The preparation,  steaming my pores open, working up a lather with a brush and bowl. The main thing however, is there is only ever one ultra sharp blade gliding across my skin. Modern multi blade cartridge razors three, for or five times the chance of causing a cut or a burn.

Cartridge razors have another drawback. With so many blades together, any more than a day or two’s growth and they clog up with hair. This leads to the blades dragging across the skin, a sure way to get nick and cuts or in my case irritation. You really need to shave every day for them to be effective, and even though for the most part I like shaving as a form of relaxation, it can be a tiresome chore.


Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 sensitive

And so by chance I stumbled upon the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 sensitive. The words sensitive meant it was worth a go, but being a cartridge razor, I was sceptical. I have had too many bad shaves from the other leading brands to think I was going to be a convert.

I deliberately grew my stubble for five days. My intention was to vlog the experience, to prove once and for all that cartridge razors are no good. Technical issues with my mic meant the video was a flop, the shave however was superb. Yes you read that correctly. I had a great shave, and not only that, but the features that set the Hydro 5 sensitive apart were the key.

I tried again, this time I had seven days growth. I don’t know a man out there who isn’t apprehensive about shaving off considerable stubble with a high street cartridge razor. I wasn’t so worried having tried five days. Staggeringly the results were just as good, if not even more impressive with the extra stubble. This time the camera didn’t focus on me and the whole video was blurry. I was amazed at the shave, but disappointed I hadn’t wrapped this up. A week between takes is a real pain. It also stopped me doing other videos due to my bearded look being unfamiliar.

Third time lucky then, or at least that was until my schedule meant I had to attempt a shave with a full nine days growth. The video worked, and it’s the one attached to this post.

The shave

To make my shave as representitive of the typical guy, I used bog standard canned shaving foam from the high street. I didn’t do my usual prep, I just applied the foam and shaved in one take on camera. The surprise in my voice when the Hydro 5 sensitive dispatched my beard with ease was genuine. What you might not have picked up on was my utter astonishment that I had absolutely no irritation from the shave. None, after shaving off nine days growth with a cartridge razor.

The flip top head is a stroke of genius. It’s a far better approach to remove the bulkiness of the head, than to offer a feeble second blade on the back of the head. It really sets the Wilkinson Sword apart from the competition. It also means that if the hydrating strip gets too much, as it did for me in the video, you just move it out the way and carry on. Perfect.

The verdict

I’m glad I added the Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sensitive to my collection of razors. It’s super convenient. When travelling I can take the bare minimum of gear and still get a great shave. It probably won’t replace my every day razor, but it’s good enough to keep in my collection.

You get a close enough shave for every day use, but the key selling point for me is the way it gives  an irritation free experience with the minimum of fuss. I know that if I were using it every day, i’d have no fears about rashes, razor burn or nicks. Recommended.

To buy your own Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sensitive, use the link below or any good high street store that stocks razors!



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  • Ravi Roshan Jaiswal August 27, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Hi there,

    Wonderful review on Wilkinson Sword’s new razor for sensitive skin. As a person, I am a huge fan of using Wilkinson shaving kit since it is so good for our skin. I prefer to use the Wilkinson shaving kit and also suggest to my friend who ask me about this. You have described very well on problems of most cartridges razors and agree with you.

    I feel so good shaving with Wilkinson blade kit. I must try this new kit. Looks like it is come for me. Now a day, there is no other brand in shaving comparing with Wilkinson shaving kit.

    thanks for great review. I got understood what do you like to say here about the Wilkinson sword hydro 5 sensitive. It comes with an awesome feature for our skin.

    ~ Ravi.


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