Maen Classic Moonphase watch review

Maen watches have created a winning formula that that many watchmakers could learn from. Create a great looking watch from high grade materials. Don’t over do the details to make it fussy, but just enough to keep it interesting. Ensure it’s something you could wear every day with confidence.  Make it affordable and good value. Sounds too good to be true? Read on to see why the Classic Moonphase is an excellent choice for watch collectors of all levels.

About Maen watches

Maen are based in Stockholm and are of Dutch heritage. Their website states they’re inspired by New York with a note about the Dutch ship ‘Halve Maen’ discovering New York City in 1609. While I can see the origins of the name Maen, from a style perspective, they are worlds apart. For me New York conjures images of loud, sometimes brash fashion statements. The Classic Moonphase is the polar opposite, and it’s all the better for it.

Far more fitting are the Scandinavian minimalist and Dutch experimentalism influences. I wouldn’t call this watch minimal, but it is elegant in its details with a ‘less is more’ approach. The brushed sides of the case, contrasting the polished bezel make for interesting details that bring the Classic Moonphase right up to date, where the over all look is a classic watch that could have been made in any of the last five decades.

The face is simplicity personified. Frost white, with raised hour markers and simple minute indicators. You need nothing more so why complicate things with numbers or roman numerals. It’s wonderfully Elegant. The hands continue the theme, being polished, with bevelled tips. Just the right amount of detail to make sure it’s not plain, just classy. It all works very well together.

The moon phase is the main detail that gives this range it’s name. I’ve always questioned the usefulness of moon phase for anyone other than werewolves, but in this setting, it suits the watch perfectly, and it would look bare without it. The only downside, is knowing how to set it correctly. I’m guessing you do this on the first day of the full moon and forget about it. If there is a better way, please leave a comment below. If moon phase is genuinely important to you, and not just a delightful style detail, then this won’t matter to you, and you’ll get it right.

The Movement

The Classic Moonphase is powered by a Swiss made Ronda Normtech W 706.1.0028 quartz movement. Ronda are well respected for making excellent movements, and this appears to be no exception. It has 5 jewels and is gold plated with a standard battery life of about 60 months according the Ronda website. Further investigations into the movement show it’s got plenty of tricks up it’s sleeve that aren’t used on the Classic Moonphase, so I’d expect we’ll see an expanded range from Maen in the future.

Other details and nice touches

The strap oozes quality, but once again it’s for the tiny details rather than anything excessive. It’s genuine leather, which is almost taken for granted at this price point, but it’s very soft to the touch and better than you would expect. The Maen logo is printed on the underside, which is a nice touch. It’s the clasp that sets it all off. A classic tang design that continues the highly polished theme. at the end, the Maen logo is deeply etched giving a real premium feel.

The crown wheel has a raised letter M for Maen on it, another premium touch, but easy to over look as it’s a smaller detail.

The watch is waterproof to 5 atm or 50m, although as it has a leather strap, I wouldn’t recommend swimming or showering with it on. Just have that as piece of mind it will be resistant to water or dust for every day use.

Speaking of every day use, at only 50g it’s a nice weight, added to the comfortable strap and and relatively low profile, it’s only 8.25mm thick, it allows you to wear this watch all day, every day. It’s the perfect every day watch as you can put it on and forget about it.

Another stand out point that makes this the perfect every day watch is it’s price. At €199.00 which is £168 or $208 US, it’s priced affordably so you can wear it without fear. A free world wide shipping and return policy make this a very easy decision. For the money I don’t think there is another watch that can touch it for quality.

  • 38mm Case
  • 8.25mm thick (7mm case)
  • 50g weight
  • 50m water resistant
  • 18mm strap at the lug reducing to 16mm
  • Raised polished hour markers
  • Swiss made Ronda quartz 706.1 movement
  • Battery 60 months
  • Polished bezel with brushed stainless steel case
  • Saphire Crystal scratch resistant glass
  • €199.00
  • Free world wide shipping
  • 2 year warranty

For more information, or to buy your own Maen Classic Moonphase watch, visit their website here:

Maen Watches website

Maen Watches on instagram

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