I am not a trained stylist. nor was I born into the upper classes, so why am I qualified to write about gentleman’s style and etiquette? Well in all honesty I am not, but I have gained a wealth of experience over the years and it’s this experience that I want to share.

I grew up in the vibrant metropolitan city of St Albans, 20 miles north of London and I would say it is London that is my spiritual home having worked there for so long.

Leaving school I went straight into the British army’s Royal Mechanical & Electrical Engineers (REME) where I learned discipline, how to look after my clothes, pride in my appearance, how to polish my shoes properly and to the amazement of my family – how to use an iron!

On leaving the army, I went into the IT industry where for many years I worked right in the heart of the City of London for many of the most prestigious firms in Law and banking. Companies like ‘The Law society’, Goldman Sachs investment bank, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer solicitors and Cofunds hedgefund platform were my home for the next decade where the latest in men’s fashion were always on display. Up and coming lawyers and bankers with too much disposable income buying expensive clothes. I was amazed at how many men have no idea on how to put together a decent outfit. No amount of money can fix that, if anything – it can make things worse.

Over the years I developed an appreciation for a timeless wardrobe, not one that was a slave to the latest fads and fashions. It was here that the Mitchelli was born, even if I didn’t know it at the time.

It was about this time that I started a family. Having children has had a profound affect on me. Having to teach values and instil a high moral standing on toddlers who just want to put mud in there ears is a real achievement.

In my spare time I studied the rise and fall and rise again of the British social classes. Often writing freelance articles in the hope of earning some extra money. I have spent many years researching how a gentleman dressed and behaved in years gone by.

Fast forward to the present day, I am now in my mid thirties and I have more time to write about these experiences. Hopefully this will help other thirty-something+ men make more informed choices when dressing or acting like a gentleman.

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The Mitchelli – The modern gentleman

A modern perspective on a classic theme.


  1. ” A gentleman’s a golden card, a red red rose ” lyrics from ‘The backdoor to Heaven’ by Roddy Frame of Aztec Camera. I have always remembered this song from the amazing Aztec Camera album: ‘Knife’. It’s a complex, artful and cryptic song, but seems to revolve around the difficulties many men face in the modern condition. I agree with above comments that the ‘gentleman’ is not just about the outer trappings but more importantly the inner qualities. Modern machismo demands us to be aggressive, selfish, cynical and uncompromising. To behave otherwise in these hard-nosed days is, curiously, one of the most subversive things a man can do!

  2. Hi The Mitchelli,

    I really like your story here. Sincere, authentic and relatable. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

    Cheers, Ed

  3. I stumbled upon this blog the other day and really love the format (visually) and the content. The “how to do a great shave” brings me back to when I would sit and watch my grandfather lather up and streak by streak remove that yummy looking whitestuff. (I am a child of the 60’s so my grandpa was from another era.) I am glad to see this is not a lost art.

    Also the article on ‘gentlemen’ with Steve McQueen, etc…. is so wonderful to read and to see those film clips.

    I will definitely turn my nephew onto this blog as I think it’s right up his ally, always commented on men’s clothing and how people just don’t know how to dress.

    Thank you for all this great content.

  4. I have pondered on this notion for many years. What is it to be a modern gentleman? Is it an anachronistic view, to be a man out of step with the times or to simply attempt to be different? I don’t think so. The idea of being a gentleman should never timeless and never simply style for style’s sake.

    No, the idea of the modern gentleman is to hold on to the values and ideals of being a gentleman, to take pride, to be courteous, to be generous, chivalrous and kind and to promote these values by living them in our everyday lives.

    We must all strive to be the best that we can be and not to squander our gifts. Our lives are short and we should live them well and fully, but also make sure that we help other to realise their own potential.

    Being a gentleman is not about being flamboyant or looking down your nose at those who don’t buy the best, but it is understanding the value in things, and in all things, not just personal presentation.

    I can ramble, but I will end simply by saying that I think this blog understands what it means to be a modern gent. It succeeds in promoting the values and philosophy of all that entails.


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