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Win a new Bellroy wallet

I’m a fan of the Bellroy range of wallets, I make no excuses for it. Their range of quality leather, pocket slimming wallets will revolutionise how you view wallets and all the things you carry. Minimalist is something I think of when trying to describe them, but actually they are perfectly full featured. Bellroy wallets are very simply clever.

Why are glasses overlooked?

For a long time I thought I had perfect vision, but a routine visit to the optician has meant I now join the 69% of Britons who wear glasses. So why is it we spend less time choosing a pair of glasses than we do buying a suit? I had never thought about it, but a call with a very interesting glasses designer has opened my eyes to a whole new world (I make no excuses for the pun, but better get it out of the way early).

Jacket Required AW15: Rise of the gent

Here is my round up of the best from Jacket Required AW15. I would traditionally shy away from the menswear trade shows, simply because for a long time, high fashion and niche trends have ruled where I would prefer updated, current evolution of classic tailored style. Thankfully with the resurgence of the modern gentleman over the past couple of years, times are changing and I like to keep abreast of current developments.