Gentlemen’s Style Guide: Quick Tips for Wearing Tweed

It’s time to forget tweed’s undue associations with a stuffy look and a somewhat itchy feel. Granted, most of us view tweed as a fabric worn by English gentry, college professors, and our grandparents. But the truth is that tweed is a versatile fabric and there are many ways to not only make the fabric work but construct clever outfits that are both modern and fresh.

English tailoring meets Italian taste

From 19th – 23rd October, Italian brewery Menabrea and bespoke tailors Henry Herbert will bring a taste of true continental style to the streets of London, as they launch Brewspoke: an online service allowing men and women to have their own store-bought suits and shirts professionally fitted for free (http://www.menabrea.co.uk/in-the-know/brewspoke-from-menabrea-a-perfect-fit/).

M&S Suits – Style and value

As a suit aficionado, my suits are either from a tailor, or a premium brand. When UK High street retailer Marks and Spencer (M&S) offered me one of their new range of check suits to review, I had to confess that they would not have had them on my shortlist of go to places to buy a suit, but they convinced me I would be surprised. Did they convert me? Read on…

Loki Wine Introduction to wine level 1 course

Every modern gentleman enjoys a glass of wine from time to time, but being able to drink wine and being able to really appreciate wine are two very different things. For those of you who like me, want to really want to be better equipped when talking about, selecting, pairing with food or simply enjoying wine, you might want to take a dedicated wine course. I did at Loki Wine, situated in the fantastic Great Western Arcade in Birmingham.